Mommy Guide

Welcome to The Mommy Guide, a compilation of posts I wrote about the real deal.  The stuff about being pregnant and having a baby that books don't tell you and your friends forget.

After writing several posts about what its really like being pregnant, having a baby, and other stuff that nobody tells you, I decided to combine it all here in one place for those of you interested.  Because trust me, there are things that books fail to mention, and your friends won't tell you.  And you know you visit baby blogs to compare your progress or your baby to others, so go on and click to your heart's desire - I tried to tell it like it is and I hope you find it funny and informative.

Weekly Pregnancy Updates
because you want to know if what you are feeling is normal!

Favorite Products
As a former baby products buyer and new mom, I know a little about baby gear.  My friends are always asking me questions about which stroller is best for them and what I think about this diaper bag, so here are some of my favorite products and answers to FAQs

My complete registry check list
5 baby products I can't live without
My favorite Mommy products
Baby products I didn't like or need
Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag
Swim Floaties
Reusable Swim Diapers
For flying

What I loved during weeks 1, 2, 3 & 4
My favorite things at 2 months

What I Wish I Had Known
Helpful posts for all the things you are thinking
 How do you know you are ready for a baby?


You know you are a mom when going to the grocery store alone seems like a vacation.

Baby Food
 Even the busiest Mom can make it!  And no, you don't need a special appliance, just a good blender.

Best baby food resource site: Wholesome Baby Food
Great article on a baby food making system: StyleBerry Blog

Make your own Greek Yogurt

I use Ziploc containers with 3 compartments for preschool lunches.  I also use Wilton silicone muffin cups (available in the baking section of a craft store) to divide items in her lunch and make them more appealing
Working Mommy
Mom who works, not a working Mom 

Potty Training
I used a 2 day method and lots of prep work!

Monthly Baby & Mommy Updates
Posts about the baby's stats are cute, but what about how Mom is feeling?