Friday, July 29, 2011

Week 29 Update

So its been awhile since I have done a pregnancy update, I have been pretty busy with not a whole lot of news to report, plus I didn't think these posts were that interesting.  But at my shower last weekend several people commented that they had been reading them, and I guess Facebook wouldn't be so popular if people didn't like to spy on others and compare themselves, so maybe some of you fellow preggers will enjoy this.

Here are my random thoughts as I enter my 3rd trimester - less than 75 days to go!  Yikes!

-  My shower last weekend was great, but coming home with all that stuff totally overwhelmed me.  I could not sleep on Sunday thinking about all the organizing and the stuff invasion.  I am normally pretty neat, don't hold onto stuff I don't need, and junk free.  Not saying that the baby stuff is junk, but I am just not used to having so much stuff.  I realized I would need to clean off a pantry shelf, a kitchen cabinet, a bathroom cabinet and do countless other things in order to put all my new baby stuff away and it was totally overwhelming.  After making a list so I could stop obsessing over it, I begged my Mom to come up for one last visit after my last shower to help me organize.  I am feeling much better.

- I have been very lucky with this pregnancy and have really not had one day of feeling bad.  Up until last weekend I hadn't even missed any work due to pregnancy related complications or illness.  Until I took the diabetes test.  I have always had sensitive blood sugar, and after drinking all that gross orange stuff I crashed and felt like crap.  Luckily I was back to new the next day after a long nap and a good nights sleep.  And the results came back good.

- I am finally starting to feel huge.  I used to be able to fit through tight spaces (like between chairs at a restaurant, or into little nooks in the garage between our cars to grab stuff from our storage shelves) but those days are over.  I don't hear other women talking about it much, but seeing those numbers on the scale climb to places I have never seen before is a little frightening.  Don't worry, I am not on a diet and baby is getting plenty of food, I am just saying, it sucks.  Call my crazy but I still weigh myself every morning (just like I have for the past 8 years) and I am pretty sure I will pass up my "goal weight max" before this is over.

- This weekend The Husband and I are taking a baby care basics class.  Some people told me I didn't need a class, but I am a nerd and I love school.  And learning from experts.  I don't have much baby experience so I think it will be good and calm some of my nerves.  After that we are going to dinner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  With a Groupon.  Yes, I am cheap like that.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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