Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diaper Bag Purchase

A few weeks ago I ordered a couple of diaper bags online that I was interested in seeing in person.  There wasn't a store near me to check them out at, so I ordered through ebags, which has free shipping and free return shipping.  I had a couple of requirements for my diaper bag:

  1. wipeable surface - no cloth or satin that would stain easily
  2. short straps and a cross body strap so I could go hands free if needed
  3. some way to attach bag to stroller, or special stroller straps
  4. a flat shape so it would lay next to my body well - I hate it when things are big and bulky and make my arm stick out when I am holding it
Luckily The Husband didn't care what it looked like at all, he said he would carry anything, so I didn't have to take him into consideration.

I ended up purchasing 3 Timi and Leslie bags, and keeping one of them.

It color is very blue-gray in person, so I feel like it is very neutral.  There are pockets on the outside that are just big enough for my iphone, so that is good.  It comes with all the extras like insulated bottle holder, changing pad, wet bag and even a wristlet for me.  The inside is light in color, which I like so I can find things more easily.  And the top opens nice and wide with a zipper that stays hooked on one end so you don't have to match up the 2 sides each time you want to close it.  It also has a key holder right on the inside so I don't loose my keys.  And it comes with a cross body strap and stroller straps, which I plan on storing on another outside pocket on the back side so they are always with me in case I want to convert it.

All in all, I am really happy with it and it has everything I think I want - which I am sure will change once I actually have the baby!

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Vanessa Perez said...

The Bags is coolest Bags I ever seen. you Have school backpacks ?