Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 15 Recap

First, let me say thank you to all that commented and emailed to tell me congratulations!  The Husband and I are super excited and I can't wait to start on the nursery.  Its a little intimidating since I have been blogging about adorable nurseries for the past 2 years but I have some ideas swimming around in my head and as soon as we find out the gender (in about 4 weeks) I can start planning.  I already starting clearing out the guest room and listing my spare furniture on Craigs List this weekend.

Today I am 16 weeks.  Here are some of the things that were on my mind last week:

I am at that stage where I feel fat and frumpy.  My nicely tailored work clothes don't really fit that well but I don't look pregnant, just like I have gained some weight.  I am hoping that once I actually have a baby bump I will feel better about my appearance - at least people will know I am pregnant!

This is what I did last week to prepare for the baby:
  • We toured our first childcare facility
  • We starting thinking about getting life insurance
  • I used a rubber band to hold my Citizens jeans together under my bellaband.  Glad my non-preggo friends thought that that was so funny!
  • I transferred all my "skinny" clothes to another closet and hung up some of my new maternity purchases.  I am hoping this makes getting dressed and choosing something to wear a little easier and less depressing!
On a positive note, we spent some time at the pool Easter weekend and The Husband said I looked the same in my bikini that I always do.  Sometimes - rarely - he really knows when to say the right thing!

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