Thursday, July 24, 2014


Some healthy meals the past few weeks, some not as healthy!

leftover cheese pizza + fresh cherries + applesauce + kale salad

grapes + goldfish + chicken + cheese + raisins

turkey, cheese and hummus sandwich + cranberries + pretzels and peas + yogurt

popcorn and cranberries + grapes + chicken nuggets + cheese

brisket quesdadilla + grapes and blueberries + yogurt

yogurt + grapes + more nuggets + cheese + ketchup

and a superfood dinner of quinoa, kale salad, salmon and strawberries.  She LOVES salmon (calls it pink fish) and kale salad from the deli at HEB.  The only thing she didn't eat?  The quinoa.  She doesn't like rice or potatoes, go figure?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 things on our anniversary

 wedding day

 Derby Day

 Posh & Becks

 Aggie sports

 Buffett concert

Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary.  I actually had to look that up, as neither of us can ever remember how long we have been married.  And that doesn't bother me at all, we are fairly unemotional in general, and enjoy a nice, simple, comfortable life together.  No need for a trip or candlelight dinners over here.  But in honor of the day, I thought I would share a little bit about us:

1.  How long have you been together? How did you meet?

We met on NYE at a bar in Dallas as it was turning 2003.  We were both there with friends that knew each other, but we had never met.  Although we talked that night and were both interested in each other, nothing really came of it until the night of my birthday a few weeks later.

2.  How did he propose?

We had a nice weekend just the two of us in Galveston in December.  We did some Christmas shopping, had a great meal and returned to the condo.  B asked me to go on a romantic walk on the beach, but I was so full from dinner that I put on sweats and showed him my food baby instead.  He had no choice but to propose right there on the couch in the condo.  It was just the two of us, and very fitting for our low-key relationship.

3.  What was your wedding like?

We planned our wedding in just 7 months and it was wonderful.  Pre-pinterest days, it was really pretty stress-free to plan.  It was full of friends, family, good food and drinks.  My Mom helped with the planning and there was never any drama.  We honeymooned in St. Lucia, returned to Houston, packed our stuff, and moved to Austin where B was going to be working.

4.  What do you love to do together?

We may sound boring, but we love to cook out, make cocktails, entertain friends at home, and on occasion, travel within the United States.  We both work quite a bit, and enjoy family time during our free time.

5.  What's your favorite thing about him?

There are so many things that I like about B.  I always joke that I love him because he doesn't gamble, go to the strip club or play video games.  I mean, what more could you ask for?  But really, he is the most dependable, hard working man I know.  I never wonder about him, I know he always has me and H as his priority.  I trust him completely.  He is constantly doing things to make our life together easier and better.  He may not be the most emotional person, or romantic, but he is always there for me and that matters more to me that presents or date nights.

He also supports me in everything I do.  He may have had visions of a SAHM type when he was growing up, but he knows my career is important to me.  So he helps me and is there to do 50% of the work and 50% of the parenting.

What is his favorite thing about you?

I asked B for his favorite appropriate-to-share-on-the-blog thing about me.  He said my ability to get shit done.  He is not a man of many words, so that is all I got out of him.  But I agree, I get shit done.  At work, at home, I am organized and you can count on my to do whatever needs to be done.

Monday, July 21, 2014

H at 2.5 Years

As if I don't think it already, our trip to the beach just re-affirmed that my kid kicks a$$.  She did great on the plane, had a blast at the beach and the pool, boogie boarded with no fear, and slept in a big kid bed with no problems.  She really is easy to take care of, happy, fun, and generally well behaved.  I like to think it is my excellent parenting skills, but really I think its luck + her demeanor.

Since I am terrible at making a real baby book, I wanted to take some time to record some things about her at this age.

-You want to wear "fancy shoes" almost every day.  They are these little ballet slippers from Nordstrom and they are your favorites.  Doesn't matter if you are wearing a dress or jean shorts, you want to wear your fancy shoes.

-You never took a pacifier, but when you get tired you make a little pucker suck movement that mimics pacifier action

-You also really want your Big B and Little B when you get tired.  You named your blankets that because well, one is big and one is small.  You have 2 of each and don't mind one bit when I take one away and swap it out for a clean when on laundry day.

-You love your cousin Caleb, aka Bubba, so much.  Almost every picture we have of you 2 is of you staring up at him like he hung the moon.  I hope you continue to look up to him and that you guys stay as close as you are now.

-You love to sleep just like your Mama.  On weekends you typically sleep till 8.  So thank you!

-Every Sunday we paint your toes a new color.  You are really into glitter right now and are so patient, sitting on the counter while they dry.

-You want to wear a LONG dress almost everyday.  Most of yours go to your knees and I am always having to tell you they are long enough.  Any longer and you would trip.

-Compared to other kids your age, you are not very silly.  Instead, you have a real grown up sense of humor and are sometimes sarcastic.  I think you get that from both of us.

-Speaking of both of us, you are also fairly unemotional if that is a word.  You don't really get upset at many things, and are easily calmed down.  Another thing you get from us.

Hadley, we love you so much.  You are much more fun and easier to take care of than I ever imagined.  Hanging out with you and Dad is the highlight of my night and weekend.  I know there will be times in your life when you don't think its as fun to hang out with your parents as you do now, but I hope we continue to be best friends.

Love, Mommy

Friday, July 18, 2014

Real Life Room: Rustic Eclectic Farm

Ya'll have read me blog about my blog-friend Lindsay before, and I am excited to share her nursery today.  She is super crafty and has a background in design, so it is full of DIY projects, personal touches and vintage inspired items.

She started off with this design board.  Oh how I wish I was better at putting these together:

And here is what she came up with:

side table made from vintage rulers, so cool!

painted dress with stained top:

and if you are in the market for party invites, check out her etsy shop Strickland & Co. for some super cute and well-priced designs!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No News

Not much going on over here.  Just busy at work, and enjoying relaxing summer weekends.  We've had a pretty mild summer for Austin, and it is just now reaching the 100's.  So that has been nice.  For now I leave you with this snapshot of what I have going on:

Making: a couple of "The Lord is my Shepherd" paintings.  I want a new handbag, so I have been taking a few orders to save up for it :)
Cooking: simple summer dishes with salad and lots of avocado
Drinking: LaCroix water, so good and perfect for summer!  Note to self, try with vodka this weekend :)
Reading: lots of stories to H, and Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman for my work organization
Wanting: a new purse.  Maybe for Christmas.
Looking: at a computer all day
Playing: pretend games with H.  Her favorite is when she is the Mom, I am the baby.  Fine with me, she usually requires me to lay down so she can cover me up :)
Eating: snacks at work
Wishing: not much these days, life is pretty good.  Maybe a tropical vacation with just B?
Enjoying:  Summer and lazy weekends
Loving: my little family and good sleep
Hoping: that H is not catching a cold
Needing: to start exercising
Feeling: balanced
Wearing: leopard skirt, white blouse and Cole Haan flats.  I never wear flats to work but I was being lazy b/c it was raining this morning
Following: too many blogs with skinny bitches that make me want to have more time to work out
Noticing: how hard it is to keep up with friends these days.  Wishing I had more time to connect.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Anchor Verse Painting

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul,
firm and secure.

Hebrews 6:19

I did this picture for my SIL to give to her Mom the other week.  The verse has special meaning to a new business she started.  And when asked her favorite colors she said yellow, turquoise and coral.  I did my best to incorporate all the things she wanted and was really happy with the results.  Felt good to create something again, although I realized that lots of my paint and brushes need replacing!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lazy Lunches

My husband looks at me funny when I take pictures of H's lunch every night.  I guess it really is kind of a weird thing to do.  But I find that it keeps me accountable for mixing it up, packing healthy and interesting things for her.

I was talking to another mom recently about pre-school and they mentioned that one that feeds her kid was a must.  She didn't want to have to pack lunches.  When we chose H's school I knew I would have to pack lunch and I thought I would dread it, but it really hasn't been bad at all.  It literally takes me 4 minutes as I am cleaning up dinner to throw stuff together.  There are tons of super creative parents on Pinterest making really cute animal sandwiches, but that is not me.  Hopefully when I share her lunches, it shows you that it really is simple and anyone can do it!

That being said, they have been a little boring lately as we got ready to go on vacation and cleaned out the fridge.  And when we got home it was pretty empty, so it was lots of basics!

taco pizza, + grapes + popcorn and cranberries

left over lasagna (gotta love frozen Stouffer's) + peas + canned peaches + applesauce

yogurt + oranges + almond butter and jelly sand which + string cheese

grapes and blueberries + peas + pineapple and bacon pizza + raisins and chocolate chips

crackers + cheese + turkey + cinnamon apples + yogurt

Saturday morning breakfast by Dad: toast + turkey sausage + strawberries and watermelon

dinner: pork tenderloin + avocado + peaches + cheese quesadilla

and for me last week, a sideways picture of stir fry with chicken, brown rice, peas and red peppers