Saturday, November 15, 2014

2T Aggie clothes for sale

Back when I used to list H's clothes for sale on my blog, the Aggie stuff was the most popular.  Thought I would give it a shot again. 

For sale, 2T Aggie dress with tutu.  Wore at 2 as a dress with leggings, and for a bit this year as a top.  This one runs small to true to size.  The shirt is a 3T but runs super small, more like  2T.

Both items, including shipping, $15.  Email me at if you are interested!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Operation Self Care.....Don't get old and fat

B and I had a long talk on the way home from CS this past weekend.  We do some of our best talking in the car.  We don't listen to the radio, we mostly just talk about all the things going on that we never have time to sit and have a real focused conversation about.  H will sleep or watch movies and is a really good car rider, so we have time to chat and get things accomplished.

One of the things we talked about was aging and general appearance/body maintenance.  We both try to take pretty good care of ourselves.  We use face products, wear sunscreen, eat healthy 80% of the time.  But eventually that alone is not going to be enough.  I don't think I will deal with the aging process well - I am kind of vain.  So I am taking some active steps towards caring for myself.  My twenties were all about career and marriage, the last 3 years have been all about H and being the best mom I can be.  I feel like I am in a good place with life and family and career so I am going to focus on me for the next little bit.  Hopefully without dropping the ball on those other areas.

First up, teeth.  I don't have yellow teeth but they aren't super white.  So I am starting a round of Crest Ultra strips and will report back with results.

Second up, face.  I signed up for a monthly facial/massage program at a spa super close to the house.  They have extended hours, and if I don't use something that month I can pass it along to Blake.  My plan is do do a facial every quarter, get 4 massages a year and pass the other along to B.  Because a guys gotta maintain as well!

Last on the list, body.  If you know me or ever read my blog you know I don't work out.  Never really have, don't enjoy it AT ALL.  But diet alone has not been enough lately to maintain my weight, and I am a few pounds more than I would like to be.  And gravity is going to start to pull things down quickly, so I am going to start working out.  My plan is to do the Beachbody T25 work out.  25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  B even offered to do the dishes at night so I can concentrate on my workout.  8:30 PM is not exactly the prime time for me to work out, but it is the only time I have.  So I am going to commit to it for 70 days and see if I look better and feel better about myself.  Not that I feel bad, I just don't feel great.

So folks, that is my plan.  I am not really that great at sticking to anything, but I am going to try my best this time and will report back on my progress.  Before and after bikini photos not included.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thoughts on friendships as an adult

This is a topic/post I roll around in my head a lot and debate on if its worth writing about.  But its been on my mind more lately, so I will just throw it out there.

In general, I would say that friendships have always been something I struggle with a bit.  Mostly girl friendships, there have been a few guys friends over the years that I connected with fine.  I really did not like high school all that much.  I never felt like I had a crowd, a group to call my own.  Stuck between my goody-goody friends and that crowd that partied.  For the record, I did not party in high school.  To me the risk far out weighed the benefits.  I could not wait for college and the opportunity to do my own thing, find a more diverse group of friends I could call my own.

I ended up joining a sorority in college, and mad some really close friends.  But a few things happened towards the end of those 4.5 years and some of those friendships fizzled out.  Turns out we had a lot of fun together while we were there, but that fun did not transition well into being a grown up.

Its been 11 years since I graduated college and I can count my close friends on one hand.  I have lots of medium-close friends, but only a couple of people I regularly keep in touch with.  Part of the problem is that we live about 3 hours from the major cities where most of our friends moved to after college.  Part of the problem is that as a working Mom, I work, commute, and hang out with my family.  There isn't a lot of free time to do girls nights, happy hours, book clubs, etc.  And I am usually fine with that, as somewhat of an introvert I enjoy time at home with just my family.

But every once in awhile, pictures on Facebook of girls supper clubs and girls weekends really get to me.  I don't really have that type of group, 5-10 girl friends that get together monthly while the husbands watch the kids.  My friends are scattered, different places, from different periods in my life.  Its something that does make me a little sad, but I don't really do anything to fix it.  I don't want to join Junior League.  I don't have time for Mom's groups.  And quite frankly I sometimes have trouble connecting with SAHMs.  Not that there is anything wrong with staying at home, its just that our lives are very different.

I am hoping that when H starts elementary school, or when I don't work and commute as much, that I can work on building a closer network of local friends.  But maybe that is not possible, I know some of has to do with me and my personality type.  And the other day as we approached the park in the stroller, H said to me, "Mom I don't want to play with the big kids at the park, I just want to play by myself."  So apparently she is a little like me, because sometimes I would just rather play by myself too.

Friday, October 31, 2014

H at 3

Where to start?  People say time goes by so fast, they can hardly believe their kid is 1, 2, 3, etc.  I actually feel like we have had the right amount of time together, nothing has gone by too fast, and I really try to savor every moment we have together.

Two and three seem to be such a fun age.  I love seeing the world through her eyes, doing new things with her, teaching her and seeing how fast she is to learn something new.  She is a little sponge, constantly asking me questions.  But it shows, she knows so much, is so curious about the world around her.

I really cherish my nights and weekends with her and B.  During the week we play, go on an occasional walk, make dinner together, do bath, PJs, watch a show on the couch with the lights out, and read stories before bed.  Its a nice simple routine that I really cherish.

On the weekends we are usually either out of town (football, hunting, visiting friends) or just relaxing at home.  Lots of trips to the park, she loves to go to Target, play in the backyard, just simple kid stuff.  She isn't really into toys all that much and much prefers to be doing something active.  Or helping me around the house, she loves to cook with us, or help Daddy clean out his truck.  She loves to clean, and gets super excited to help me sweep or wipe up the kitchen

She is so smart, she has been in the 3 year old class at school for the past 6 months, so I think she will probably move up with the 4's in the Spring.  Although she is still pretty small, only 27.5 lbs and in the 10th% for height.  She can count to about 35, knows all her upper and lower case letters, can spell her name and mine (Mom).

She has the best sense of humor and is very funny with her comedic timing.  I like to think she gets that from her Mama.  She is pretty even-tempered, much like both of her parents.  But she is super stubborn and if she doesn't want to do something or gets it in her head she wants something, there is no going back.  I think that quality will serve her well later in life, but right now it can be a little frustrating :)

Hadley, you really are a joy and being your Mama has been more fun than I ever imagined.  I love that you tell me I'm your best friend.  And just yesterday you told me you had to tell me a secret in my ear and whispered, "you're the best Mama ever."  Well kid, I think you are the best kid ever.  So we are even.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Still being a bad a$$ lunch packer over here.  Wonder if the teachers talk about how awesome my lunches are?  Really I would just like to see what the other kid's look like, but we are one of the first to get to school so I can't snoop on anyone else.

strawberries + carrots + turkey dog + string cheese + crackers

yogurt + strawberries + "lunchable" of crackers, cheese and meat + a fruit leather

trailmix + applesauce + spaghetti + string cheese

leftover mac n cheese + turkey dog + raspberries + yogurt

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Around here lately....

Just letting you know that I am still around.  Been busy with work, busy with H, busy with life.  I do think about this little blog and things I want to say, but I don't seem to have time to document them.  Instead we have been:

tailgating at Aggie games

my FIL was honored at the Aggie 100 event, so we got to go to a fancy lunch

and this girl celebrated her 3rd birthday

I can not even begin to write how much she means to me and how awesome she is!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


They're BACK!  Yep, pictures of lunch.  Yep, she still eats it.  Pesky little things, aren't they :)

strawberries + carrots + turkey dog + cheese + crackers

she reqeusted a Lunchable one day, oh the things they learn at school.  This is my version:
yogurt + strawberries + fruit snack + crackers + cheese + lunch meat

"trail mix" + applesauce + spaghetti + string cheese

mac and cheese + turkey dog + raspberries + yogurt