Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mid April Lunches

Still over here packin' lunch everyday.  H got a new teacher this week, and I let her know that the silicone cups I use are microwavable, which makes heating up the lunches easier.  She can just take those cups out and heat them, which means she doesn't have to dirty more containers or spoon them into another bowl for heating.

pears + banana oat cookies + angel hair pasta and sauce + turkey meatball

green beans + strawberries + meatball + Annie's mac and cheese

strawberries + 1/2 cliff kidz bar + banana + pizza

hummus and pretzels + strawberries + chicken finger + applesauce

apple sauce + pretzels and peas + chicken finger + baby bell cheese

applesauce + orange + cheese stick + green chili chicken casserole (she loved it!)

pizza + fruit snacks + orange + peas

And a few dinners.  Notice how the left overs often work their way into her lunch the next day....

fried egg and cheese sandwhich (the only way she eats eggs) + turkey sausage + strawberries

strawberries + prezels and hummus + beef meatball

bean, chicken and cheese nachos + orange

Monday, April 21, 2014

Scenes from Easter Weekend

We spent a wonderful Easter weekend with The Husband's family.  We left early and arrived early Friday afternoon, just in time for drinks on the patio at the club and a nice outdoor dinner.  H was really well behaved, so that made it even more enjoyable!

Saturday morning we relaxed, and Saturday afternoon we had a crawfish boil (steak for me) and the kids ran around in the backyard, tiring themselves out.  H slept with her cousin in the big kid trundle bed all weekend, so we were really proud of her!  And it was nice to have out room all to ourselves and not have to whisper :)

Here she is hunting eggs at the house in her PJs.  Wearing new sparkly Toms from her Easter basket

After church, we went to the club for brunch and did another egg hunt.  I just love these 2.

While everyone else was finishing brunch, I took H outside to throw pennies in the fountain and got this good shot.  I just love a smocked dress on Easter :)  I scored this one from Smockin Hot Mamas, a Facebook group where you can buy used smock dresses.  Pretty good for under $20.  As with all smocked dressed, we have to size way down, this one is actually an 18 month size.

What a blessed weekend to spend time with the ones we love and celebrate.  God is great!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And just for fun, here is a side by side of this year vs last year - what a difference a year makes!  She has grown so much, especially her hair!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

On Saying No

This is a topic I have been thinking about more and more lately.  Between work obligations, family, travel and just the weekly grind, I find myself wanting and needing to say "no" to more things.  No to my co-workers for an after work happy hour.  No to a friend's birthday dinner out on a weeknight.  Or any night, really.

As a working Mom, my life consists of work and family.  I am away from H so much doing the day, that I feel like my free time should be dedicated to her and The Husband.  And I want to dedicate that time to them.  Friday Happy Hour in my backyard with my wonderful husband and daughter is way better than most downtown happy hours I have attended.  I do book club once a month on a week night, and I have occasional girls weekends away, but I really enjoy time with my family of 3 more than anything.  And I am ok with that.

The problem lies in that I sometimes feel obligated to do things, when really I want to say, "no."  I am pretty good with saying no to non-important stuff.  That doesn't really bother me.  I mostly feel bad when I say no to something that concerns a good friend.  Like I should want to do that thing with them or for them, but I really just don't.  I want to go home and hang out with my family.  I want that rare free weekend to be mine, all mine.

I like to think of myself as a pretty good friend.  I don't have a lot of them, I have found that maintaining friendships later in life is difficult.  I don't live in the same city I went to school in or grew up in.  I am not close with most of my college friends, and only keep in touch with a few of them.  People move away, people are busy, people are wrapped up in their own life.  But I try to be a good communicator, and think I do a pretty good job of calling people (the 2+ hours a day I spend commuting really help with this), sending cards, and making an effort to visit when I can.  I hope that the friends I have think of me like this, and know that I love them and want to be a part of their lives.  Even if I forget their birthday.  Which I totally do and I am up front with that.  Please forgive me, because I promise to be your friend 365 days a year, not just on your birthday.

The Husband and I are both really low on the emotion scale.  We are pretty even tempered, not much bothers me, I don't get my feelings hurt that often.  So, for example, if I were having a birthday dinner and invited friends, I would not care one bit if someone didn't come.  But that is probably a bad example, because I would never have a dinner because I don't like to ask people do to anything for me.  But you get the point.

But I realize that other people are not that way.  So if I can't make it to a good friend's happy hour, going away party, shower, wedding, whatever, is it hurting their feelings?  Or are people understanding that it is hard to fit it all in, and do they know that I do care about them, I just care about me a little bit more?

I'm not so sure.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lunches + a Few Dinners

A post on a working moms message board I read got me thinking.  I plan on doing a post about food prep/feeding/schedule/cooking soon.  I think its interesting to get a perspective on how different people handle the task of meal prep/healthy eating.  Plus, I am nosy and I assume you are too.

Onto the last few weeks:

snap peas + dried cherries + strawberries + pizza

refried beans + orange (she loves to peel these herself) + chicken quesadilla + bunny cookies

yogurt + berries + angel hair pasta and sauce + pepperoni + string cheese (not pictured)

ravioli + turkey hot dog + grapes and raspberries with shredded coconut + orange

pizza (can you tell she often requests pizza??)+ fruit snacks + orange + snap peas

These pizzas are super easy to make - just a sandwich round, organic ragu (we always keep this around and sometimes I even mix carrot puree into it - shhhhhhh), cheese and turkey pepperoni.  Microwave for 20 seconds to melt everything.  Easy, not greasy and somewhat balanced.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

And for dinner, she usually has a deconstructed version of what we are eating.  We tend to eat things a little spicy, so I usually set aside some of the ingredients and make her a little plate before I add spice and finish everything.  Also worth noting, she likes to have a snack when she gets home from school at 5 (usually fruit or crackers and cheese) so her dinner portions are not huge.

This night we had enchiladas, but they were kind of spicy.  So she had the same beans we had + quesadilla + some chicken I cooked on Sunday + cheese + berries.

This night we had turkey tacos, but hard shell tacos are hard for her to eat.  So she had some ground turkey + black beans and corn + a few chips + strawberries.  She was not a fan of the black beans and corn, but did try it.

I love these divided plates, it helps me make sure I am putting a variety of foods and food groups into her meal.  I think they are Nuby brand?

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Blog Title?

I am in the mood for a new blog design, and I think I need a new title as well.  Although I don't plan on changing the domain, I do think that my blog has evolved past nursery art.  I'm not quite sure what to call the content though?

Things I'm thinking.......

A Mom That Works  ::main title::

former crafter turned random advice giver ::or::

because done is better than perfect

Thoughts?  Want to tell me what my blog is about??

Friday, March 28, 2014

Conversations with H

Me and The Husband are probably the only ones that think these are funny, but at not even 2.5 yet, I can't believe some of the stuff she comes up with

Me: (wearing yoga pants and a striped T) Hadley, I'm going to the store, you are going to stay here with your Dad while I get some groceries.
H: You going shopping in your pajamas?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Me: (on the way home from school, talking about our day) Baby, did you like the squeeze yogurt I put in your lunch today?
H: Yes, Madden had one too.  But not Abigail
Me: What did Abby have?
H: Broccoli
Me:  That's nice, we are having broccoli with dinner tonight too.  (We were having stir fry)
H: I want to go out to eat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Yesterday at gymnastics
Me:  Hadley, if you can't be a good listener, you are going to have to go sit and take a time out.  We need to listen to our teacher.
H:  (walks to corner of gym, and sits down) Go away, I am in time out.  I am not being a good listener!
Me: (waits a bit) Hadley, if you can listen, you can get out of time out.  Let's go back and join our friends.
H:  No!  Go over there, I am still in time out!

repeat several times, as parents in the waiting area laugh at me and comment that I have a strong willed one on my hands.  Ya think?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lunch Rut

For my lunch this week, I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup.  I used a soup starter kit and added extra frozen mixed veggies and chicken.  I love soup, but The Husband doesn't consider it a meal so it makes a good lunch option for me.  Combined with sliced apples and a string cheese, it makes a great warm lunch in my cold office.

For H, I kind of feel like I am in a lunch rut.  I was browsing the lunch boxes from 100 Day of Real Food, and I was feeling kind of bad about her lunches not being more "whole food."  I struggle with balancing feeding her good food, what she will eat, and the amount of time that I have to source and prepare food.  Following sites like the Food Babe and 100 Days of Real Food is inspiring, but I lack the time and energy it takes to make my own pizza dough from whole wheat flour.  Oh, and I like cheeseburgers and fries a lot.

I am doing my best to provide her with healthy options, but still struggle with getting enough veggies into her.  Maybe I need to try green smoothies?  Although I don't really see myself having time to do that during the week, so maybe just on the weekends.  But is that even doing anything?

ritz crackers + cheese + turkey + raspberries + greek yogurt

pizza with turkey peperoni + snap peas + dried cherries + strawberries

wheat wrap with cheese and turkey + cherries and chocolate chips + gold fish + strawberries and grapes

turkey meatball + orange + cheese pizza + no bake energy ball

turkey and cheese quesadilla + energy ball + pretzels + orange