Monday, March 19, 2012

5 Months

At the doctor this morning, 14 lbs 6 oz.  That puts here in the 25-50% for weight
We are truly blessed with a sleeping baby!  I can not imagine how hard it would be to still be getting up with her at night.  During the week, she sleeps from about 8 until 6:00 in the morning when we have to wake you up for school.  Takes between 3 and 4 naps a day, depending on her mood.  But if she skips a nap, she is still super happy so we just let her do whatever feels right. And on weekends, she sleeps till 7:30 or 8 so that makes Mommy really happy!

You hit a growth spurt this month, and overnight you started demanding more food.  5 times a day she is eating 6.5 oz of formula.  She usually gets her last full feeding around dinner time, and a few more ounces at bedtime.  After her 6 month check up we will start some solids, and I am dreading them!  I know she will be excited to try them, but I am nervous to add another element to our routine.  I am taking a free class in a few weeks to teach me to make my own baby food, so we will see how that goes!
The Husband.  She is obsessed with him.  She loves to touch his face, grab his nose, feel his stubble when he doesn't shave.  She wants to be able to see him from wherever she is playing, and will look over to make sure he is still there/paying attention to her.

She also started liking the exersaucer more in the past few weeks.  She will sit in it for at least half an hour, spinning around and touching all the toys.

She still loves her Nap Nanny, and prefers sitting back in it over the Bumbo chair.  I don't really blame her, the Nap Nanny is really soft and comfy!

She is just a really happy baby and pretty much likes everyone and everything.
I can't really think of anything.  She is like me though in the fact that once she gets hungry, she is hungry right that second and wants food immediately.  She can go from happy and playing, to wanting food in 2 seconds.  The Husband will hold her up in the air so she can see me in the kitchen getting it ready, and that seems to calm her down until I can put her bib on and start feeding her.

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How is Mommy doing?

Work is going really well, I am totally into a routine.  Although I am kind of dreading adding solid food into the mix.  I seem to have this Mommy thing down at the moment, but adding another element into the mix makes me nervous.  I am taking a class on how to make your own organic baby food next weekend, so hopefully it will calm my fears a bit.  The Husband thinks I have lived in Austin too long and have turned into a baby-food-making-hippie.  Really I just want to give her the best foods possible, and I love classes.  I mean, why not learn from someone who knows what they are doing, right?

A few weeks ago I tried giving up sweets and baked goods and lost 3 pounds almost overnight.  Well, I think it was a freak incident, because it all came back even when I was eating really well.  So this weekend I just said f*** it and started eating treats again.  I still have about 3 pounds left, which doesn't seem like a lot, unless you have seen me try to put on some size 0 pencil skirts that used to fit just fine.  The Husband thinks I need to see a doctor - for my head - and that I am crazy.  And it probably does sound crazy but I am just happier at a little lighter weight.  And when my bottom half is slimmer it matches my top half (read: small boobs) better, which makes it easier to buy clothes.

5 months is a really fun age, its easy to get her to laugh, and she recognizes us when we pick her up from school.  She gets all excited and wiggly and sticks her tongue out with excitement.  Its pretty cute.  I am looking forward to the next few months, especially introducing her to the pool, she loves bath time so I can't wait to get her into the water!


Becky @ Petals Lace and Pearls said...

aww what a great report! I totally know what you mean about being nervous about adding another element of feeding them cereal and food. Just when you get into a good routine, then something changes, like adding food in the mix, their nap schedule changed, etc. etc. My hubby and I felt that just as you would get used to something, the routine would change...thus how its been for the past 20 months!! The stages just keep changing!
I made Cate her own food for a while, then it just got to a point where I didn't care, or have the time (yes even staying home with her) so I would just buy organic food. plus they only really eat the "baby" foods for a couple months, then you can start giving them real food, and cate liked real food MUCH more...but good luck!!=)

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

She is such a cutie! I can't believe she's already 5 months!! Time seems to be flying by.

I love reading your posts about baby...they give me hope that being a hard working Momma and having/caring for a sweet little baby is possible :)

John and Jill said...

where did you get her cute little headband??