Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

From time to time I visit the Daybook blog, since the author is also preggo it is  interesting to see her belly grow and here about her experiences so far.  Today I am participating in her Awkward and Awesome Thursday post and thought it would be fun to recap some of the highs and low at 35 weeks:

  • Not fitting through spaces that I used to be able to - like between chairs at a restaurant or behind my computer at work.
  • Wearing flats and tennis shoes.  If you know me in real life you know I am 5'2" and almost always wear 3-4" heels.  When people see me in flats they are usually surprised at how short I really am.  Now that I am 8 months+ along I have been wearing more comfy footwear for certain occasions (like football games) and it feels funny.  I don't look like myself in tennis shoes.  Because I really don't work out anyway.
  • Rolling myself out of bed.  You don't realize how much you use your stomach muscles for things until you don't really have use of them anymore.  So rolling out of bed is easier than sitting up and getting out.
  • Attempting to shave my legs in our stand up shower.  I am used to easily throwing a leg up on the side of the shower about waist high to shave.  My leg no longer reaches that height and it is not that easy to bend down.  Oh well, I can't really see my leg hair anyway so I will pretend nobody else can either.
  • Most people look forward to pregnancy because your hair grows thick and shiny.  Not me.  I had  enough hair before I got pregnant and now that hardly any of it falls out it is a huge mess on my head.  I can't wait to have the baby and start loosing my hair so it is back to a manageable amount!
  • Clothing in general - Up until now I still wore a mix of my regular and maternity clothes.  Those days are numbered.  Trying to look cute is just depressing at the moment.
  • Looking much smaller and more attractive in your own mind than you do when you actually see a picture of yourself:
almost 35 weeks at the A&M vs. SMU game over the weekend
note to self - horizontal stripes are not the best look!

  • Knowing the baby hangs out with me all day in "her house" aka my belly.
  • Getting things I ordered and presents in the mail almost daily.  I am going to be sad when the surprises stop coming.  But The Husband will probably be happy I stopped spending money!
  • Knowing that my nursery is totally complete and the baby can come stay anytime she wants!
  • Frosties from Wendy's.  The lowest in calories and fat chocolate fast food dessert on the market.  Enough said.
  • The Husband - who sat inside the stadium with me for a whole quarter during the football game and walked slowly the whole weekend as I waddles around campus to various tailgates in my sensible footwear

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    Kim Hagan-Dupaquier said...

    Kim you look amazing for being 35 weeks along! The last few weeks are always the hardest of the entire pregnancy! It's funny but after having my son almost 2 years ago, I can hardly remember what it was like to be pregnant! Hope you have a quick and easy labor!
    Kim Hagan Dupaquier