Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Products I Didn't Like or Need

As a follow up to my registry post, there are a few things that I already knew I didn't need, or that I registered for and never used:

Bassinet or Cradle
Before she slept in the crib, H slept in the nap nanny, the bassinet that came with her stroller, or in the pack n play.  I don't think another sleeping place is necessary, so as cute as they are, skip the bassinet or cradle for your room.  Get a quilted pack n play sheet for the pack n play and use that instead.

We got a travel swing instead of a full size swing, which was a good idea for space saving.  But H loved her nap nanny so much, we only put her in the swing probably 10 times.  I ended up loaning mine to a friend.  My advice, if you get one, leave it in the box until you really need it.  If you don't use it, take it back!
Infant Lounger/Seat
If you get the nap nanny, you probably won't need an infant seat.  They are pretty much the same thing, but I think the nap nanny is better.
Dishwasher Basket
We only run our dish washer once or twice a week, so I have to hand wash bottles if I need them.  And the dishwasher basket doesn't hold that many bottle parts anyway, so I thought it was kind of a waste.  It may come in handy later for sippy cup straws and parts, but for now it sits in my cabinet unused.
Summer Infant Folding Bath
I don't know what the perfect baby bath tub is, but I know it is not the one I got.  It's not terrible, but it offered no support for H when she was little (even with a foam pad I bought) and she would slide down and get her neck all crunched up.  I have friends that love the Puj tub, maybe it is better?
Crib Mobile
I made Hadley's pinwheel mobile, and she looks at it kinda, but she is asleep most of the time when I put her in the crib so it really isn't necessary.
Sleep Sheep
I have friends that swear by this thing too, but H has always been a great sleeper and I have yet to need a noise machine.  The one time I turned it on I think it actually disturbed her more than helped her.

Baby Carrier
I have one of these, and I do like it.  But I have only used it probably 4 times.  I thought it would be great to use when we go shopping, instead of hauling the car seat around.  But I must have been nuts to think that I would be taking her shopping all the time!  I run errands solo on the way home from work, and The Husband and I take turns grocery shopping solo too.  So although they are cute, be honest with yourself, you may not need one.  And if you do, I bet you know someone you can borrow one from for a few months!

I also don't have a wipes warmer, and I don't miss it.  And I don't have a bottle warmer either, I just make bottles as a need them.  I didn't want her to get used to warm wipes and warm milk, because what would we do when we weren't at home and didn't have those things???

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Jessie said...

This all some great advise! I am so clueless on what is important to have and what is just "cute" to have. I checked out the nap nanny, it does look very comfy! Do you set yours up high off the floor, or always just sit it on the floor? I would be worried about my pets bothering the baby if I had it on the floor.