Tuesday, May 15, 2012

7 Months

 what?!?  you can eat this monthly sticker thing?  7 months in and I am just now figuring it out!

at 6 months and a week you were 14 lbs 9 oz, pretty sure you probably weigh 16 lbs right now, although the stomach bug probably put you one step closer to your goal weight.   Yep, that was a Devil Wears Prada reference for you.
Still all night, from about 9 to 6:00 in the morning when we have to wake you up for school.  You are such a good sleeper at night, and when you get tired we lay you in your crib, where you will smile at the mobile and eat your blanket until you fall alseep on your tummy.

 Your naps vary each day, and at school you may nap a few times for an hour each, or just 20 minutes each.  Either way, you aren't fussy, so that is nice.  At home on the weekends your favorite place to nap is Mommy & Daddy's bed, all wrapped up in the Ralph Lauren sheets.  You love to rub them on your face and stuff them in your mouth.
Man, can you eat.  You still take 5 bottles a day, at 6 ounces each.  And right before bed you have a few more.  The pediatrician wants you to have about 25 ounces a day, but I can't seem to get you to cut back!

On top of that, you get 1 oz of fruit and some rice cereal in the am, 2 oz of veggies at lunch and another 1-2 oz of sweet potato or squash at dinner.  You can't get enough!  So far you have tried sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, banana, avocado, peas, green beans, apples, pears and peaches.  The only one you didn't like was the peaches, go figure!

Your favorite toy is probably my phone, you love to watch videos of yourself and look at the pictures.  After that, you love the TV remote.  You don't really care for the play remote I got you so you would stop changing the channels when we are trying to watch quality programs like The Bachelorette.

You also love the big bed, being outside and wearing nothing but a diaper.  I am seeing many hot Summer months of you being naked and looking like a white trash baby, since I never put shoes or sock on you either.

Sometimes you get upset if we leave the room, you don't like to play by yourself at the moment.

New Tricks:
You defiantly know your name.  You can sit up, high five and clap.  You love to pat yourself on the head, so we are working on "where is your head" but you haven't mastered that yet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

How is Mommy doing?

 Things with me are pretty good, but I still wish there was more time in the day to get stuff done!  I totally took for granted things like running errands on the way home from work and getting pedicures.  After work I want to rush home to spend time with H, since I feel bad enough that she is at school all day.  So I never seem to have time to go to Target and little things like that.  It had been so long since I did a big shopping run that I spent $240 at WalMart the other day!  And don't get me started on the state of my toe nails or my gray hair.

I feel like 6 months is a real turning point where things do get easier, and now that she is more responsive to my actions, its really fun to play with her and teach her new things.  I really feel like I am more in control, and we can take random unplanned outings to the park (like we did on Saturday) and we are not going to have a crisis.

I am still going to Pilates once a week at lunch, but work has been really busy so it has been hard to get away.  I missed 3 weeks in a row and I could really tell a difference.  It is amazing that just one day a week can make me feel better and feel like I look better.  I try to walk as much as I can with her when I get home, but exercise is one thing that I end up cutting out when there is not enough time.  Grrrr.

But I can't complain, I have an amazing Husband that really helps me out with taking care of H and household stuff.  And she is such a happy baby that I really cherish the time at night and on weekends that we get to spend together!

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