Sunday, August 26, 2012

10 Months

I would say about 18 lbs

You still take 2 naps at school everyday, but you are starting to drop your pre-dinner nap at home.  Which means you are going to bed closer to 8 than your usual 9.  And on the weekend, you sleep in and catch up with super long naps.  The pedi says that babies don't catch up on sleep but I think he is wrong!

I struggled a bit this month as it is time to start cutting down on formula intake and increasing your real food.  But your weekday schedule seems to go like this

6am - 5 oz bottle
8 am - breakfast - fruit and cereal
9 - 5 oz bottle
12 - lunch of "school food", usually a casserole and a fruit or veggie
12:30 - 3 oz bottle
4 - 5 oz bottle
4:30 - snack
6 - dinner, cheese, fruit, cheerios, whatever we are eating
8 - 4 oz bottle

I feel like you eat all the time, but I can't really blame you because I like to eat small amounts frequently as well.

For sure, the secret to occupying you at a restaurant or in church is cheerios!  You just love them!

Your ball, being outside, your blanket.  You love the play table we got you and you will stand and pound on it for a good 30 minutes.  You still like the exersaucer a bit.  And you love when we toss you in the air, or toss you on the bed.  And you love when Dada picks you up from school, your face just lights up!

We also went to the beach a few weeks ago, and you liked that ok.  What you liked most was spending time with your cousin, Caleb.

When Mama leaves the room.  You are starting have a bit of separation anxiety, but you are easily distracted and stop fussing pretty quickly.  You also don't like being dressed at night, you just want to play and can't sit still!

New Tricks:
You are pulling up on everything, and you can walk along the couch to get to something you want.  You have also started crawling into other rooms to find us or chase us.

You are such a sweet little girl, and the teachers at school say that you will pat your "friends" on the head when they are crying.  You are also really into sharing with us, so you are always picking things up to "give" us.  But sometimes you want them right back!

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