Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 19 Recap

If you are an early morning blog reader, you may be reading this while we are at the Dr's office learning if we will have a baby boy or baby girl!  So excited!  I will share with you tomorrow, after we have had time to tell our family.  Till then, here is a recap of the week leading up to this exciting day!
  • I can really feel the baby move now and there is no question that is what it is.  The other night it felt like it was doing somersaults over and over again
  • The baby bump is here to stay.  Still wearing looser fitting clothing, no maternity yet, except some shorts. 
  • I signed up for birthing and new parenting classes at my Dr office, still need to sign up for the breast feeding class
  • I bought a gender-neutral baby carrier, the Beco Butterfly.  When I worked for the baby products retailer this was always my favorite carrier, and you can start using it practically at birth.  Since I am kind of a wimp with little arm strength, I think I am going to like the baby carrier vs. carrying the baby or carrying the car seat and baby around.
  • My super size appetite seems to be back as well.  The other night I had dinner, then an hour later some peanut butter toast and before bed some cereal.  I could not get full!
I know the blog has been a little boring lately, with posts about my pregnancy, maternity clothes and other non-decorating things.  I promise to do more decorating posts as I start working on my own nursery.  I hope to include lots of DIY projects and cheap chic shopping sources!

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SnowflakeBrit said...

Good luck at the appointment!