Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 3 Loves

3 week picture - Mommy is working on her baby photo skills

Well, week 3 is done and we finished it off with a family trip to the ranch for opening weekend of deer season.  Baby H did great, we drove up there during nap time and there were plenty of family members to hold and snuggle her.  I think she got spoiled!

Here are some of the things that came in handy this week:

The Nap Nanny

I think I first saw this pillow thing on a friends registry and it seemed ridiculously expensive for a giant pillow for my baby to sleep on.  I mean, it cost as much as a car seat.  So I refused to register or buy one.  Until last week.  Baby H was sleeping 3-4 hours at a time during the day, but only about 1.5 hours at night.  At night I would rock her to sleep but as soon as I put her down in the pack n play or bassinet, she would wake up.  A friend suggested the Nap Nanny and after reading the mostly steller reviews, I caved and bought one.  At first it just worked OK, she did seem to sleep much more soundly in it.  And after a few days, I noticed that if she woke up, she would fuss and little but put herself back to sleep in it.  She seems so comfy and snuggled in it, and I think the incline helps with any tummy troubles she might have.  Last night she slept like a champ, and I am pretty sure it was due to the Nap Nanny.  So if you are expecting, just register for the damn thing.  It really works.

TV Trays

I remember a few years ago, my MIL asked me if I maybe wanted a set of TV trays for Christmas.  I thought to myself, "I will never have TV trays in my house, so tacky!"  Well, guess what we got this week?  Yep, I caved.  We moved our huge trunk coffee table out of the way so we would have more room on the floor in front of the couch for bouncy seats and nap nannys, and we ended up with no place to eat or put cups.  So I got these TV trays from Sears and they are really coming in handy!

Carter's Sleep N Play PJs with Zippers

I had a moment this week where I felt like a bad mom because I wasn't dressing Baby H up in matchy matchy outfits with hairbows and stuff.  I mean, she is a baby and gets poop on about everything she wears.  So for now, she is going to live in these Carter's PJ outfits, day and night.  My favorite are the ones with a zipper because they are easier to get on and off.  And lucky for us we live near a Carter's outlet and I scored a bunch for about 6 bucks each.  We are saving the cute outfits for later, when we actually go in public.

Phone Calls with Friends

Being a new mom is difficult.  Sometimes she is really great, and sleeps and eats like a champ.  Other times, she is up during the night every hour and half wanting to be fed.  Combine that with issues nursing and me trying on a pair of my pre baby jeans and you have one crying Mommy. I was having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel this week.  I mean I know at some point I will be able to take her in public, or to dinner with friends, but I just couldn't see it being possible.  I mean, I am an on demand food source and we are still figuring out the whole pump, store and a have a bottle ready just in case situation.  A phone call with another new Mommy friend was just what I needed and helped me know it was going to be ok.  Even if it won't be that much better until she is about 2 months.  So, I encourage you to share your thoughts/feelings/fears with someone that can relate.  While The Husband is nice to talk to, he doesn't REALLY get it all the way.


Jessie said...

Great advise. I can't imagine what you are going through! (I have so much to look forward to someday! lol) I am glad you have someone to talk to who know exactly what you are going through. :)

Megan said...

Congratulations on your new precious baby girl! As a Mom to a three year old I can tell you I don't think it ever gets easier, but it gets more normal. I wish I would have had the nap nanny when Brae was a newborn. She would NOT sleep on her back and would only sleep elevated on her boppy. I always slept with a hand under the boppy to make sure she did not slip. It was tiring.

Best advice that was ever given to me is to not engage in talking to or playing with Brae during the night. She needed to learn that night time was quiet time. When she woke I changed her diaper fed her and back in bed she went. I used the blue screen on the tv as light too, the blue light helped not to wake her up.

More than anything just take everything in! She will be 3 before you can blink!!

Megan O'Bannion said...

Your little one is adorable and you are doing a great job! I remember the first few weeks as a mom I loved my baby more than anything but at the same time I missed the freedom to do things at the drop of a hat or just to do what I wanted instead of what a little person demanded. Of course, thinking this along with postpartum hormones made me feel tons of guilt which made me more upset. It does get easier, otherwise I wouldn't have just had number two, haha! I will say, though, that the transition from 0 to 1 was harder than 1 to 2 so you are getting through the hardest now...good job, mama!

Alicia said...

Congratulations. I am a new mom myself (baby born beginning of July). Reading your blog is like reading a blog written by myself. We had sleep issues up until Sophia was 3 months, then we sleep trained her. In my experience, after 3 months it does get a bit easier. They also start to smile and interact which is so special. It's all very worth it in the end. It sounds like you are doing an awesome job!

Jason and Jenny said...

Hey girl! You are such a great mom already and I live your weekly loves blogs. I had such a hard time if it pumping at the beginning and it stressed me out so much I finally decided to take a break for a bit and try a few weeks later. Just so you know others find it tricky too.
Keep it up momma!