Monday, April 2, 2012

Mommy Favs

Its not a myth, being a Mom is hard work.  I no longer have time to "run errands" on the way home from work.  And by running errands, I mean stopping at Target or TJ Maxx.  I do get a daily shower, but I don't remember the last time I took a long shower.  I forget what it is like to not be on alert all the time, like hurry and get this done before someone needs you.  And I can never find time to paint my toe nails.  I don't have time to sit there and let it dry for an hour, unless it is at night and then I want to go to sleep instead.

That said, here are some of my favorite Mom things that get me through the week somewhat sane.:


I have the full size version, but the MIA is great, too.  Keeps my face feeling smooth, and The Husband loves using it as well.  Shhhhh, don't tell him I told you that.

Eye Cream

I used this Mary Kay gel in the mornings to refresh my eyes and help my concealer go on smoothly.  At night I use the Arbonne cream.  And so does The Husband.  Yes, he likes my beauty products.

Crock Pot

Despite what The Husband thinks, every recipe that comes off Pinterest does not include the crock pot and look like cat food.  I do crock pot dinners on Sunday, and pack left overs in my lunch for the week.  This Pioneer Woman recipe can by made in the crock pot and it is amazing.  Slightly spicy, so you may want to reduce the peppers.

iPhone with Instagram

If you are pregnant and don't have an iPhone, I would highly suggest you (and the grandparents) get one.  It takes great pictures, and since it is much easier to whip out and use than a camera, you can be sure to capture those moments that pass too quickly.  And if you already have one and don't use Instagram, check out some of the cool stuff you can do with it here and here.


When I was home on maternity leave I did the Tracy Anderson post-pregnancy work out, which uses pilates methods.  Now I do pilates on Wednesdays at lunch and I really feel like it has helped strengthen me and put my core back together after baby.

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