Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 14 Recap

Tomorrow I will officially be 15 weeks pregnant.  I thought it would be fun to document my thoughts week by week, so here is what has been running through my head this week.  Note, I am going to try to keep these light hearted and funny so even the non preggos can enjoy.  Oh, and this week, the baby was the size of a lime.

  • I always thought that my current clothes would leave room for a little growth.  Boy was I wrong.  Good thing I work with mostly men because there is going to be a lot of outfit repeating going on until I really fit into maternity clothes.
  • I am wondering what part of the baby exactly is living in my side fat.  Because my muffin top is growing more rapidly than my belly.
  • I've used the bellaband a few times to fit into my pre-baby pants.  I then contemplated using them as spanx to help me fit into my dresses better.  That can not be good for the baby.  But if I am using them to hold up my pants, is it really that different than using them to hold in my fat??
  • I can never pack enough food in my lunch.  Since I can't eat lunch meat (don't even get my started on this prohibited item) I have to actually pack and plan a lunch.  I always pack a morning and afternoon snack because I am STARVING all the time but no matter what, I am still hungry and must go procure food from somewhere near my office building
  • I suck at drinking water.  My Mom never made me drink it as a kid.  I didn't drink it before the baby and I am really struggling getting enough now.  Even cute water bottles and cups are not making me want to drink more, no matter how hard I try.
Next week I hope to start taking some belly pics for you guys.  This will take cooperation from The Husband so wish my luck.  I also plan on writing a "Petite Guide to Maternity Shopping" as finding small size maternity clothes is turning out to be a highly frustrating yet entertaining task.  I really need to take a dressing room pic of me in some of the ridiculous mumus so you can all laugh.

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Emily said...

FYI - Old Navy and Gap have smaller sizes in maternity clothes, but my favorite pair of maternity jeans were from Ross. I didn't even know they had maternity clothes when I went in. Have fun!!!