Tuesday, September 27, 2011

38 Weeks and Ready!

This past weekend I had some time to myself because The Husband went to College Station for the A&M v OSU game.  He told me he got razzed for leaving his preggo wife at home, but I was happy to have some peace and quiet and time to finish up my ever-growing to do list.  One of my favorite things about our relationship is actually our independence, and we give each other the freedom and time to pursue our interests and hobbies.  It makes us both happier people and makes our time together more interesting.  Plus, I have a feeling we are about to get some super serious together time after the baby arrives!

Anyway, today I am 38 weeks and I guess I am as ready as I can ever be for Baby Hadley to arrive.  In the last few weeks I have:
  • finished up the nursery
  • installed the car seat
  • washed guest room sheets and prepared for our family to arrive
  • dyed my hair for the last time
  • got my nails and toes done
  • learned to use my new video camera and The Husband's digital camera (his is better than my old one but I never took the time to learn all the functions)
  • watched the "happiest baby on the block" DVD that was highly recommended to us
This week I am getting my hair cut for the last time, having one last book club meeting and visiting our last pediatrician before I make that decision.  We are also having some repairs done to our home (long time coming, and a long story) and the house will be filled with drywall, tile and paint guys.  After that the cleaning lady is coming for sure!  I also hope to make a few things to stash for dinner in the freezer, including spaghetti, chili and my favorite - spinach balls.  I hear people will probably bring us food but we don't have any family here and most of my friends live about 20 miles away so I want to have some things on hand I can make easily.

I know you can't really be ready for a baby and the changes she will bring but at least the house is prepared!


SnowflakeBrit said...

Fingers crossed it all goes well for you, it must be so exciting to be so close

LC said...

My son was due April 16. He came on April 1. I had just finished work the day before, and was planning a haircut for the next day (April 1), and to get some suppers made and stored in the freezer. I hope your little one gives you the time you need. But if she doesn't, I'm sure you'll be more than ready to have her in your arms :)