Tuesday, June 19, 2012

8 Months

We haven't done your official 8 months sticker picture.  Mommy thought playing outside last night sounded like more fun than dressing up, and I think you agreed.

17 lbs exactly, which puts you in the 25% for girls your age.  I secretly want you to stay little.
Still doing great at night, and although we put you to sleep on your back, you wind up sleeping on your tummy with your booty in the air.  Mimi says your Mommy used to sleep that way, too.

Naps vary, at school you just want to play and sometimes have trouble resting.  You bonk yourself on the head so you don't fall asleep and miss all the fun.  But on the weekends you love to sleep in and take super long naps.  Which works fine with Mommy, because she needs to catch up on sleep too!
Man, can you eat. You still take 5 bottles a day, at 5 ounces each.  I am trying to cut back on your formula intake since the Dr thinks you are getting a little too much.  Its obviously not effecting your weight so I am not that worried. 
We are adding more and more tasty foods to your diet, and you are now eating puffs, which you love.  You will also eat small bits of watermelon and pear, which you gum until you can swallow.  Afterwards though, I have to check your cheeks to make sure you aren't storing any in there like a little hamster!

Your favorite toys right now are your sock monkey and your stuffed baby doll.  You are really into snuggling and holding your stuffed animals right now.  You also love balls, looking at pictures of yourself on the phone, and being outside. 
Hmmmm.....you are really a happy baby so there is not much that you don't like.  You sometimes get upset when we walk away and leave you to play by yourself, but that is to be expected.
New Tricks:
Man have you changed a lot this month.  You are sitting up like a pro, and although you are not crawling yet, I think you are close.  You also think it is so funny to do a fake sneeze, and you close your eyes and scrunch up your nose when you do it.  It is hilarious!

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