Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Registry Suggestion Checklist

One of the biggest requests I get from friends and followers is for a baby registry list.  I have helped quite a few friends register, and I think it really helps to have someone walk you through what you do and don't need, and what products they like best.  With my background as a baby products buyer and a new Mommy, I like to think I know a little more than most about baby products.  So here it is - hope its not too hard to follow.  I didn't have time to link to everything and add pictures, sorry.  And excuse my rambling, but I tried to put a few notes next to some items to explain why I like them. 

And just so you can compare my lifestyle to yours and see if you might need the same things as I did, I tried not to register for TOO much.  I did not register for things I would need 6 months to a year after she was born, like baby proofing stuff, feeding and potty.  I like things that function well, and although I am pretty thrifty, I will pay a little more for things that actually work well and don't need replacing.

Hope this helps!

-crib mattress - mine is a Sealy Soybean foam, super light and easy to change the sheets
-dresser - with drawers that are easy to open and close with one hand
-changing table - or changing pad on top of dresser
-chair - for nursing and reading, rocking or gliding is nice, don't need a big stuffed ottoman

-crib skirt
-sheets - 2 or 3, mine are Carter's jersey, nice and soft
-mattress pad - 1 or 2, waterproof
-lightweight blankets - 2
-receiving blankets - smaller blankets, 2 to 3
-water proof pad or sheet saver - I like Carter's mutli-use waterproof pads for covering the changing table and anywhere you don't want baby to leak

-changing table pad
-changing table pad covers - 2
-small lamp - to turn on at night without waking baby
-hangers - small white plastic hangers, 20-40
-bins or organizers

*not necessary to register for, but small quantities are fine if you want to
-diapers - newborn and size 1, I prefer Huggies for girls
-wipes - 1 pop up box, and a box of refills
-diaper pail - I have the Munchkin Arm & Hammer, like it just fine
-diaper pail refill bags

-monitor - I prefer a video, mine is a Summer Infant, and I hear good things about Motorola
-outlet covers
-travel mirror - to attach behind car seat so you can see baby when rear facing
-smoke alarm - make sure your nursery has one!
*other safety items for baby proofing can be bought when the baby is actually mobile, no need to baby proof now

-infant car seat - for rear facing, typically up to 30 lbs or so
-convertible car seat - can also be used for an infant, but turns around to face front for older baby later
-car seat support/strap covers - to cradle your newborn!  I like the JJ Cole strap covers
-additional car seat base - if you are going to use the infant seat in multiple vehicles
-car seat toys - something that hooks on the car seat handle to entertain baby
-underseat mat - to protect your car seats, I like Prince Lionheart ones
-stroller that fits infant seat - something the infant car seat can clip in or attach to
*I personally do not like travel systems and think that strollers that are sold separately are more functional
-lightweight stroller - umbrella stroller for short trips once baby is 6+ months, mine is an Uppa Baby
-stroller accessories - cup holder, car seat bar for attaching, parent organizer, etc
-swing - not necessary, but if you want one a travel swing is smaller and a good option
-Nap Nanny - a must!
-exersaucer or jumper - don't need both
-play yard - basic play yard with a higher "bassinet" level for sleeping in your room
-play yard sheet - 2, quilted ones
-high chair - don't need this yet either, feed in the Bumbo chair at first
-Bumbo chair - or other baby sitter
-carrier - not necessary, but nice to have, I like the Beco Butterfly

-diaper bag
-disposable diaper dispenser and refills
-small wipes case
-small emergency/first aid kit

*you can pick out some small toys, but people will definitely give them to you as well.  Some of Hadley's favorites are Sophie the Giraffe, Baby Einstein bendy ball, Bright Starts plush crinkle dog (yellow) and the Chicco top toy

-side snap infant bodysuits in newborn - so you don't have to go over the head.  Look for onesies with long sleeve with cuffs to go over their hands, need 3-4 of these
-sleep and play - zippered outfits with feet, need 2-3 of these
-going home outfit
-mittens - so they don't scratch their face, Gerber is my favorite for these, they are nice and small
-swaddle blankets - 2 to 3 of these, Summer Infant swaddle blankets with velcro are the best!

-breast pump - if you are going to breast feed, mine is a Medela Pump in Style
-breast pads - Lansinoh disposable soft nursing pads were my favorite, get 2 packs
-nursing cover - if you are going to feed in public
-nipple cream
-breast milk storage - Medela bags work great
-nursing pillow - I liked the Boppy just fine, good for nursing and for other uses
-nursing pillow cover - need 2
-bibs - cloth with plastic layer inside so they don't leak through clothes, I like these
-bibs for solid feeding - Bumkins Super Bibs are the best once they get to solids
-coated spoons - for when you start solids
-burp cloths - 6, cloth diapers are by far the best burp cloths, and they are cheap!
-bottles - I use MAM Anti Colic bottles, but it is really up to what the baby likes
-nipples - see what stage your bottles come with, then make sure you have enough for stages 1 and 2
-sterilizer - for bottles and breast pump parts, I use steam bags, Munchkin or Medela brand
-drying rack - Boon and OXO make the most functional and somewhat stylish
-bottle brush - one that stands up with a suction cup, and has bristles all the way around
-insulated tote - for keeping bottles cool when traveling
-pacifiers - again, whatever baby likes, steal the ones from the hospital!
*for all breast pump and bottle stuff, I suggested registering for and getting it, but do not open any of the packages or wash them.  If breast feeding doesn't work out, or your baby likes a different kind of bottle, exchange what you don't need for what you do.  Gather samples of bottles or single packs to try out to see what the baby prefers before you open everything.

-teethers - a variety
-nail clippers
-medication - (Tylenol, baby gas drops, etc)
-nose sucker - just steal the one from the hospital, it works much better than the ones at the store!

-bath tub - one that has some type of support for a smaller baby, I had a plastic tub, but I have friend that loved the Puj tub
-hooded towel - 2
-wash cloths - 6 to 8
-shampoo/wash - Burt's Bees is my favorite
-diaper cream - Boudreaux Butt Paste is my favorite, 1 for home and 1 for school or diaper bag
-cotton balls/swabs

-dishwasher liquid - I use Babyganics to wash my bottles in
-laundry soap - All Free and Clear
-stain remover - Oxyclean spray stain remover, works great and you don't have to pre-treat the clothes, just spray and toss in the wash

I know it may seem like a lot of stuff, and I am sure not all of it is necessary.  Don't get too overwhelmed with registering.  I suggest you only take your husband a few times, any more shopping than that and he may be maxed out.  Try to register at 2 to 3 places so that everyone has a place that is convenient to shop at, and at least one online option is nice for people that live out of town.  I personally registered at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Target.  Be careful with Target, they don't have a good return policy so I only did a few basic things there.

Good luck!


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This list is great! Thanks for sharing...I've got to register soon. I went looking yesterday at all the things we'll be needing (for twins!) and I was a little overwhelmed!