Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 18 Recap

One more week till we find out the sex of baby Cox!  We don't have a nickname for the baby like "bumble bee" or "green bean" so I can't wait to start calling it by name!

Lets talk baby bump.  When I started my first job right out of college, I had a convo with several female colleagues about sucking in your tummy.  The 2 of us that did at all times (I guess it is something my mom taught me?) we surprised to learn that 1 of us had never done it.  Normally I go around all day sucking in.  It helps with posture, tightens abs and just looks better.  Well, last week I reached the point that I can no longer suck in.  The baby bump has not been very obvious until now.  When I suck, nothing goes away.  Its here to stay.  I guess at 4 1/2 months that is not too bad.  I can still wear some of my pants with the help of the bella band and my total weight gain is at about 8 lbs.

Last week I was also on a mission for sensible shoes.  I normally wear 3.5 - 4" heels pretty much all the time.   At work I wear heels and on weekends in the Summer - wedge sandals.  I am 5'2" so I like to look taller, plus I have very flat feet and heels actually feel better than flats with no support.  I decided that I needed to get a few pairs of medium-height heels and this turned out to be no small task.  I went to every shoe store I could think and and things in that mid heel range are just so dorky!  I didn't like the way I looked in them at all.  I finally ordered a few pairs online - hopefully the results are good!

Goals in the next few weeks:
  • Sign up for birthing, baby care and breast feeding classes
  • Take hospital tour
  • Start reading more about birthing stuff in my books
  • Read some more of the baby bargains book about things I have no clue about - mattresses, monitors, bath stuff - and work on my registries
  • Design a plan for the Kimberly & Mom 3 day shopping extravaganza that will take place in a few weeks to start working on the baby's room!  So excited!

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