Wednesday, April 4, 2012

5 Baby Products I Can't Live Without

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I recently started a baby favs board so sorry if this is duplicative for you!  I am almost at the 6 month mark, and these are my favorite baby products so far:

Nap Nanny

I could do like 3 posts on this thing alone.  What may look like an over-priced pillow is actually the best invention of the last 10 years.  H loves to nap in this, I feed her in it, and she plays in it while we get ready for work in the morning.  And did I mention that she started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks in this thing?  Enough said.

Summer Infant Swaddle Blankets

Please forgive the creepy picture of the baby.  These are the best swaddle blankets, practically idiot proof and inexpensive.  No need to buy the ones that run $30 for one blanket, get a 2 pack of these!

Video Monitor

The video vs audio monitor subject also needs its own post, but I am so glad I got the video monitor.  We have this Summer Infant one and are happy with it.  Little tip - don't leave the handset plugged in and charging all the time - it will kill the battery.  Unplug it during the day, and plug it back in at night.

MAM Bottles

If you are having trouble getting your baby to transition from breast to bottle, I highly suggest these bottles, they are great.  They are easy to clean because the bottom comes off, and they self sterilize in the microwave so you don't need a steamer at all.  Genius!

Burt's Bees Baby Wash

I noticed a funny smell on H's head when I used the yellow baby shampoo.  I switched to the Burt's Bees and am really happy with it.  Smells great and the bottle last for forever!

Ok Mommies, what am I missing?  What is your favorite baby product of all time?

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Stacy Bennett said...

We use the WOMBIE swaddler and LOVE it! I even like it a little better than the other swaddler blanket because we live in AZ so its a little less hot. We also love our Rock n' Play Sleeper! Baby #2 loves it (was the best thing to help her sleep through the night) and it has a similar ergonomics to the nap nanny, just cheaper! Also, I didn't have this with Baby #1 but with #2 the Moby wrap is a MUST! Keeps my arms free to do other things. Plus I don't need a double stroller, just put my older one in the Maclaren and #2 in the moby and we travel light! Last but not least, the "bean clean" is a special brush that we couldn't do without those first few months. Helps get rid of craddle cap like a charm!