Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 4 Loves

Have you ever heard the expression "fake it till you make it?"  Well, week 4 was all about faking it.  You may think I have my Mommy shit together but I don't always!  I was tired of being stuck in the house so this week we started making more day trips, running errands and visiting friends.  Our first trip was officially a disaster.  Picture Baby H crying in her car seat while I unsuccessfully try to open her Bugaboo in the parking lot of the outlet mall.  A stranger even asked me if I needed help.  I die.  I ended up shoving the stroller back in the trunk and calling my stroller savvy friend to come over later and make sure the damn thing wasn't broken.  It wasn't.  I am just dumb.

Later in the week we had a play date with Baby S, and one would think that 4 diapers and 1 back up outfit would be enough for a 4 hour visit to a friends.  Well, one would be wrong.  I ended up buying more diapers down the street at Target and Baby H came home in some of Baby S's old duck PJs.  Thanks Ang!

We did have a few successful trips mixed in there, but just so you know, we are not perfect!  I feel like Mom's don't always tell it how it is and from the outside looking in you may think some Mom's have it all together.  Well this one doesn't always!

So, back to Week 4.  Week 4 we made our first road trip to the family Ranch for the weekend.  Everything went pretty smoothly and these are the things that helped out this week:

Beco Baby Carrier

I bought the Beco carrier before Baby H was born because I loved it when I worked at the baby store.  Its a front carrier that later converts to a backpack.  Its very similar to the Ergo carrier, but does not require the use of the awkward infant insert because it has a separate seat insert for smaller babies.  Lucky for me Baby H likes to be held close to my chest in an upright position and she loves this carrier or it would have been a huge waste of $.  I suggest you wait on a carrier and take your baby to a store where you can try them on because it is all about what they like.  I also had a sling that I put her in and she HATED!

Huggies Diapers
Everyone bought my Pampers at my showers, but after weeks of leaky diapers, we switched to Huggies.  Apparently girl pee goes more towards the back of the diaper, and the Huggies have a gathered back that catches it better.  No more waking up because she has a wet back from the diaper leaking.  Yay!

1/4 a Glass of Wine

After extensive research on drinking and breastfeeding, I had 1/4 a glass of wine right after I fed her last weekend.  It was ok.  Not exactly the dramatic moment of release I was hoping for.  But nice.  I am just nervous she will want to be fed right after I have a drink and I won't have a back up plan.  So I am going to hold off on that one for now.


For the past few years we have had a cleaning person come once a month.  With no pets, we really don't have that much to clean up and I do the basics on the weeks she doesn't come.  With a new baby to take care of and a c-section to recover from this is even more of a blessing than it was before.  If you have a baby, you probably aren't going out to eat as much, which means you are saving money.  Which means you should just get someone to clean once a month.  I promise it will be the best $75 or so you will ever spend!  I love coming home on cleaning lady day!

So that concludes my Weekly Loves series.  I promise to do some monthly posts about our favorite products as time goes by.

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Jessie said...

Things will get better! I am sure you are be way to hard on yourself. I am sure you are doing a great job! I can see I have so much to look forward to someday! lol