Thursday, October 18, 2012

11 & 12 Months

Notice how those cute monthly stickers have all but disappeared?  I just didn't get around to using them the last few required me finding something that they matched for her to wear and I didn't do it.

Here is her 11 month shot, playing with her favorite necklaces.  She puts them on all by herself, its so sweet.  Except now she wants to wear whatever necklace I am wearing, so I don't really wear them anymore.


And here is her 12 month shot that I took at school.  I finally got a bow in her hair - victory is mine!  That is a cupcake with one candle on it on her shirt.  And it had really cute leggings that matched, but they were tight and she didn't like them that morning.  So we wore some pink shorts instead.  I guess that means she is already a toddler?  When she is fighting me on what she wants to wear?

We did a 1 year photoshoot last week and I can't wait to get the pictures back and share them with you.  The shoot did not go as smoothly as I planned, and all those shots from my Pinterest board?  Ya right!  Oh well, I think we still got a few cute ones.

We also have her birthday party this weekend, just a small get together with family and a few friends.  It wasn't going to have a theme....until I couldn't resist so we put together a few things for her "first fiesta."  Hopefully she doesn't get too overwhelmed at the party and she can have fun!

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Bobbie said...

She's so sweet, Kim. I can't wait to hear more details about her birthday party from Shirley. I love the fiesta theme! Virgin margarita, perhaps!!!!