Monday, January 18, 2010

Top Nursery Trends of 2009

Since everything I do is custom I see a huge variety of nursery themes - from baby pastels to bold black and white graphic patterns. Since I started the business in early 2009 there have definitely been some trends. Name canvases are by far my biggest seller. For awhile it seems wooden name letters were the "it" decoration but I think name pictures are quickly replacing those. For bedding, I seem to do more art to match Pottery Barn sets than anything else, with Cocalo and Banana Fish a close second.

I know I am a few weeks late, but I searched my past posts and photos of my work to come up with the top trends of 2009. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Birds - I personally love the bird theme, its sweet and vintage feeling but has a modern twist with the graphic shape. This theme comes in a ton of different color but it always seems like pink is involved somehow.

2. Nautical - Navy was a big theme for boy's rooms and that almost always seems to relate back to the ocean or beach. With such a classic vibe I think this one will continue to be popular.

3. Pink & Green - I have to admit, this combo took some time to grow on me. Probably because they were my sorority colors and tended to remind me of our pink and green floral parlor that needed a makeover! I think they key is to mix bright and pastel shades together to come up with a blend.

4. Mix & Match Prints - Although I still see a lot of complete bedding sets, more and more parents are mixing individual pieces or having custom bedding made. Gone are the matchy matchy sets - people want something more personal. Sites like PB or RH are a great place to mix and match, since they tend to have central color themes.

5. White Furniture - In my own home I have almost all dark wood furniture but for some reason I love white in a nursery. The more I see it the more it grows on my. Nurseries with white furniture seem to have a light airy quality that make them a bright, sunny place to spend time. I think white and painted furniture is making a comeback after all that espresso was so hot!

photo from Design Dazzle

A few other random trends - I do twice as many paintings for girl's rooms as boys. I don't know what all you peeps with boys are putting on the walls but art doesn't have to be girly! Shabby chic themes are still hot but have translated into a vintage style as opposed to grandma-chic.

In the next few days I will reveal my pics for top 2010 trends so stay tuned!

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