Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glamour Girl

Inspired by the gowns at last night's Golden Globes ceremony, I bring you an array of ultra-glamorous rooms fit for a little princess. Like any super stylish glamour nursery, they feature 5 key elements that are essential to creating the glamour-effect:
  1. Chandeliers - add function and drama with this boudoir staple
  2. Luxe Fabrics - silk, satin and quilting are the quintessential choices
  3. Iron Crib - while wood works fine, iron cribs add a level of sophistication and bring in that vintage feel
  4. Mirrors - whether on furniture or hung on the wall, they reflect light and add sparkle
  5. Layers - layer paint, pattern and texture to create a rich effect

This room featured the Luxe Ashlyn bedding set from Caden Lane

Featured on Project Nursery

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Featured on Project Nursery

In the next few weeks I will have lots of new work to share with you guys. I was hard at work all day Saturday pumping out some new pictures and I made a new discovery that I am super excited to start using - PAINT PENS. I know, I can't believe I wasn't already using them! Some small details are very hard to paint with a brush so I bought a few to test out and loved the results!

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