Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Downside to Being Organized

It has recently come to my attention that people think I am organized, and borderline OCD.  No really, I kid, I am fully aware that I am really organized and a little bit crazy.  There are good thing about being organized, such as:
  • We never run out of things at the house
  • I am always prepared when we are not at home, ready with snacks, band aids, or whatever is needed
  • Bills are always paid on time
  • I remember to pack things that The Husband doesn't, such as his own phone charger
  • It also translates well into my job as a Project Manager, where I manage freakin' details for a living
For the most part I like being organized.  It helps me feel calm when I am prepared.  But there is a certain amount of stress involved in being this prepared.  I constantly have a list of things running through my mind that we need to buy, or tasks that need to get done.  I have a hard time resting and relaxing because I always think I have things that need to be done.  Our weekends are pretty jam packed with out of town activities, and I am constantly packing, unpacking, washing, and prepping for the next trip.  I feel the need to research topics to death before I make a plan or decision.  Which is partly why I have even kept up with this blog, I am doing all this damn research, I might as well publish it for someone else to use.  I mean, I went to a class on potty training for goodness sake.  There has got to be something wrong with me.

I recently had a conversation with The Husband about how our hectic schedule sometimes leaves me feeling stressed.  He seemed to be totally confused, he doesn't feel that way at all when we travel.  He offered to help more, and be in charge of packing H's stuff, etc.  But the thought of having someone else pack and maybe not having everything we need gives me hives.

So the next time you think, "Dang, XYZ always has her s*$# together," just remember, she probably has a certain level of stress that comes with being that prepared, and wishes that she could relax and care a little less about having enough granola bars in her bag to keep her kid happy at church!

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Mrs. Fuzz said...

I totally relate to everything you wrote as I am exactly the same way! I would also never let my husband pack for our family trips! I make a document on the computer before the trip with a separate column for each person and check that off so I never forget anything. Sometimes it can definitely be annoying and stressful to have this personality type, but overall everything always goes as I anticipate and I can't change it anyway, so I'm ok with it. :)