Friday, October 31, 2014

H at 3

Where to start?  People say time goes by so fast, they can hardly believe their kid is 1, 2, 3, etc.  I actually feel like we have had the right amount of time together, nothing has gone by too fast, and I really try to savor every moment we have together.

Two and three seem to be such a fun age.  I love seeing the world through her eyes, doing new things with her, teaching her and seeing how fast she is to learn something new.  She is a little sponge, constantly asking me questions.  But it shows, she knows so much, is so curious about the world around her.

I really cherish my nights and weekends with her and B.  During the week we play, go on an occasional walk, make dinner together, do bath, PJs, watch a show on the couch with the lights out, and read stories before bed.  Its a nice simple routine that I really cherish.

On the weekends we are usually either out of town (football, hunting, visiting friends) or just relaxing at home.  Lots of trips to the park, she loves to go to Target, play in the backyard, just simple kid stuff.  She isn't really into toys all that much and much prefers to be doing something active.  Or helping me around the house, she loves to cook with us, or help Daddy clean out his truck.  She loves to clean, and gets super excited to help me sweep or wipe up the kitchen

She is so smart, she has been in the 3 year old class at school for the past 6 months, so I think she will probably move up with the 4's in the Spring.  Although she is still pretty small, only 27.5 lbs and in the 10th% for height.  She can count to about 35, knows all her upper and lower case letters, can spell her name and mine (Mom).

She has the best sense of humor and is very funny with her comedic timing.  I like to think she gets that from her Mama.  She is pretty even-tempered, much like both of her parents.  But she is super stubborn and if she doesn't want to do something or gets it in her head she wants something, there is no going back.  I think that quality will serve her well later in life, but right now it can be a little frustrating :)

Hadley, you really are a joy and being your Mama has been more fun than I ever imagined.  I love that you tell me I'm your best friend.  And just yesterday you told me you had to tell me a secret in my ear and whispered, "you're the best Mama ever."  Well kid, I think you are the best kid ever.  So we are even.

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