Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Still being a bad a$$ lunch packer over here.  Wonder if the teachers talk about how awesome my lunches are?  Really I would just like to see what the other kid's look like, but we are one of the first to get to school so I can't snoop on anyone else.

strawberries + carrots + turkey dog + string cheese + crackers

yogurt + strawberries + "lunchable" of crackers, cheese and meat + a fruit leather

trailmix + applesauce + spaghetti + string cheese

leftover mac n cheese + turkey dog + raspberries + yogurt

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Jennifer Alexander said...

I love your creativity with the lunches! And it helps to keep my lunches for my LO fresh. I have found the silicon heart shapes for various food items, but I would love to know where you found the hotdog holder. That is so cute! And great job on the lunches by the way.