Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lunches and a Give Away

Before I bore you with  more lunches, how about a give away?

leave a comment below with your email address, and on Friday I will give away some healthy lunch packing supplies to one of you!

I have a set of small silicone cups, some larger heart shaped cups, and some cute animal toothpicks to give away.


pizza on sand which round with turkey pepperoni + spinach nugget + bunny cookies + Greek yogurt + raspberries

tortellini + left over shredded pork + spinach nugget + grapes and fruit snacks

left over green chili chicken enchiladas + peas + blueberries + yogurt
(and a little hand trying to steal her lunch as I pack it!)

BBQ chicken pizza + cliff kidz bar + grapes + broccoli nuggets


Jason and Jenny said...

You know I love the lunch posts!! Hello inspirations!

Kristie said...

I would love to have some lunch supplies to continue working on healthier lunches for my kids!

Mrs. Fuzz said...

My little girl is starting school next year and I'd love having some lunch supplies! :)

Jennifer Alexander said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I have the original lunch/lunch supplies post saved in my email for the day when I need to pack a lunch for LO. He is just now 8 months, so I have a bit of time still. But I love your tips and tricks! Thanks!!

Stephanie said...

These little cups are too cute! I'd love to have some for my 3 year old's lunches!
Stephanie80jones at hotmail dot com