Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mid April Lunches

Still over here packin' lunch everyday.  H got a new teacher this week, and I let her know that the silicone cups I use are microwavable, which makes heating up the lunches easier.  She can just take those cups out and heat them, which means she doesn't have to dirty more containers or spoon them into another bowl for heating.

pears + banana oat cookies + angel hair pasta and sauce + turkey meatball

green beans + strawberries + meatball + Annie's mac and cheese

strawberries + 1/2 cliff kidz bar + banana + pizza

hummus and pretzels + strawberries + chicken finger + applesauce

apple sauce + pretzels and peas + chicken finger + baby bell cheese

applesauce + orange + cheese stick + green chili chicken casserole (she loved it!)

pizza + fruit snacks + orange + peas

And a few dinners.  Notice how the left overs often work their way into her lunch the next day....

fried egg and cheese sandwhich (the only way she eats eggs) + turkey sausage + strawberries

strawberries + prezels and hummus + beef meatball

bean, chicken and cheese nachos + orange

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