Monday, April 21, 2014

Scenes from Easter Weekend

We spent a wonderful Easter weekend with The Husband's family.  We left early and arrived early Friday afternoon, just in time for drinks on the patio at the club and a nice outdoor dinner.  H was really well behaved, so that made it even more enjoyable!

Saturday morning we relaxed, and Saturday afternoon we had a crawfish boil (steak for me) and the kids ran around in the backyard, tiring themselves out.  H slept with her cousin in the big kid trundle bed all weekend, so we were really proud of her!  And it was nice to have out room all to ourselves and not have to whisper :)

Here she is hunting eggs at the house in her PJs.  Wearing new sparkly Toms from her Easter basket

After church, we went to the club for brunch and did another egg hunt.  I just love these 2.

While everyone else was finishing brunch, I took H outside to throw pennies in the fountain and got this good shot.  I just love a smocked dress on Easter :)  I scored this one from Smockin Hot Mamas, a Facebook group where you can buy used smock dresses.  Pretty good for under $20.  As with all smocked dressed, we have to size way down, this one is actually an 18 month size.

What a blessed weekend to spend time with the ones we love and celebrate.  God is great!

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And just for fun, here is a side by side of this year vs last year - what a difference a year makes!  She has grown so much, especially her hair!

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