Friday, April 25, 2014

Confession Friday

linking up with A Blonde Ambition blog today to get some things off my chest

1.  Sometimes a part of me wishes my blog was more anonymous, so I could talk more openly about a few things without my friends, family and possible co-workers reading it.  Nothing too serious, just things that are on my mind, but that I am not willing for everyone to know.

2.  This week was rough, and I felt like I was failing at parenting a few times.  H HATES getting dressed in the morning, and it is always such a battle.  I may have put her in her car seat with no clothes on one morning, and then dressed her in the driveway after she finally agreed to get clothes on.  Hope the neighbors don't think I am nuts.

3.  I confess that I am obsessed with reading books/stories/articles about the FLDS.  The way people are influenced and the choices they make are so interesting to me.  I think that is why I enjoy reading blogs so much.  I just think people are interesting.

4.  I have really been trying to get motivated to exercise lately.  I don't enjoy exercise, and it is really hard to get motivated when you are naturally pretty petite.  I look fine in clothes.  For .5 seconds I thought about doing a boot camp at 5:30 am but who am I kidding.  I would never get up.

5.  I am so ready for the weekend!  2 weekends ago I worked Saturday and Sunday, so that makes 12 straight days of work.  Then last weekend we were out of town for Easter, which was fun, but I am just ready to sleep in and take it easy!!


Rambling Momma said...

I hear ya about the more anonymous blog, i wish the same things at times, I am not sure how "out" there my blog is but it holds me back at times.

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

I agree with your wanting to get things off your chest. I've reached a point that I just say it (most of the time).

I'm headed to China on Monday and I feel ya on the working 12 straight days. I get back the following Monday and hit the ground running. Well, running as fast as jet lag will let me. Which probably isn't that fast. Lol!!

Happy Friday!!