Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alternatives to store bought drapery panels

My cousin emailed the other day looking for some ideas for curtain panels for her nursery.  She didn't want solid, any sometimes just the right patterned ones are so hard to find.  I compiled a list of DIY alternatives to help her achieve just the look she was going for, and thought you guys might be interested in them as well.

Shower curtain turned panel - there are lots of cool shower curtains that are cheaper than drapes. Get a cool patterned one, and add a solid piece at the bottom in one of your coordinate colors to make it long enough. Target, Walmart, West Elm, Urban Outfitters and Z Gallerie have some cool ones.  LayBabyLay just did a feature on this idea, so check out her combos for some inspiration:

Land of Nod has some good choices that are basic, but with a little flair. They have some cute ruffled ones, and some that are mostly solid, but with a little twist or accent.

Shop adult stores - you don't have to just look at baby or children's store.  With the trend of using more mature and modern fabrics in the nursery, there are plenty of good options that are designed for grown up spaces.

Tun bed sheets into panels - I was getting desperate in my guest room, and considered buying sheets with a cool pattern and turning them into drapes.  Sheets are often much cheaper than fabric, and plenty wide and long enough to re-work into drapes.  Not so handy with the sewing machine?  Check out these DIY no-sew curtains from YoungHouseLove.

Jazz up a store bought solid - add some trim yourself like grosgrain ribbon around the edges, a couple rows of ruffles at the bottom, or that cute pompom ball on a string stuff.

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Even the most non-crafty momma can use these ideas to achieve the perfect pannels on a budget!

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