Monday, May 11, 2009

You're My Inspiration (Sing it!)

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought I would share a little project that my own Mom did recently. Inspired by my post about Grandma's button tin, she decided to create a piece of wall art for her craft room. Yes, I am jealous that she has a craft room. I have the dining room floor. Now, let me explain a little bit about my Mom. She is wonderful and can assist with almost any kind of crafty project I need help with. She is the Mom that made our Halloween costumes and sewed all the curtains in our house. Unlike me (who cuts things out without drawing them first and freehands paintings) she is super precise and measures everything. That said, she isn't the most artsy person, so I was interested to see what she came up with on her first attempt at using a canvas.

Instead of painting, she decided to sort of sew/needlepoint on the canvas. She used regular old yarn and a thick needlepoint needle to do the design. Since canvas is a little thick, she used a scrapbook paper piercing tool to punch a tiny hole in the canvas before threading the needle through. Some of the flowers are made of paper and felt, and those she found at the scrapbook store and just glued on. The red flower is a silk flower from the craft store that she stitched down in the center. And of course, almost every flower has a button accent. She used some buttons from her Grandma's tin and some from a big bag of mixed buttons from Hobby Lobby.

Finished off with some ric-rac and a polka dot ribbon for hanging, it is perfect for her craft room or any little girls room. I think she did a great job and proud of her for getting creative! Just don't ask me to make one for you......I usually pin together my sewing project and have her do it for me.

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