Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandma's Button Tin

My Grandma on my Dad's side was always an inspiration to me. As a child she would make me milk free (I was allergic) chocolate puddling pies. How that is even possible I have no idea. She could sew anything and painted the most beautiful watercolor pictures that hung around her house. I am lucky enough to have her sewing machine and a picture of ducks she painted that I plan on hanging in the office when I redecorate it. But, my fondest memory of visiting Grandma's was her button tin. Your Grandma probably had one too. A tin that had gathered generations worth of spare buttons. Not the cheap plastic kind we have now, but detailed buttons made of wood, shells or tarnished brass. I would sit for hours and string button necklaces with thick yarn. I could string, take apart and restring for hours.

So, when I ran across this picture on the Pottery Barn Kids website, it brought back memories of my Grandmother. Available in 3 or 4 different shades and a couple of sizes, they are made using different shaped circles with criss cross stitching made to look like buttons. But, how great would it be to create something unique, something personal that is truly yours for your baby. I think Grandma would be honored to know that her buttons have made their way into the baby's room, even if she isn't here to meet them.

I hope this post inspires you to personalize your space with something from your family's past. Because something cherished from generations past means so much more than anything you buy in the store. Even if it needs a bit of freshening up to work in your new space.


How it all happened... said...

That's a great idea Kim!!

Jessica Conway said...

Love this! I saw this from pottery barn and also thought of my Grandma! I have it on my list of 'projects' to do whenever Camryn gives me a little time... so fun! :)