Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sensational Site Sunday - MommyQ on Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Although I am not a mommy myself, I will be spending some time with the Mother-in-Law and wishing my own Mom a Happy Mother's Day. Don't worry, I am going to see her next weekend.

Mother's Day is an interesting holiday. On the radio this week they were talking about it and a husband called in to say he does not think he should do something for his wife because she is not his mother. Yes, this man probably sleeps on the couch on a nightly basis. What an idiot. Even if Mother's Day is a commercially-made holiday, it is still important to thank your wife and Mom for all they do. Being a Mom is probably the most under-appreciated job out there and the least we can do is take just one day to say thanks and buy them Bath and Body Works.

Speaking of Moms, think you're the only Mom going crazy trying to balance the kids, work and all the other things that were important in your former life when you actually took a shower everyday? Well, you are not alone. The blogger over at MommyQ writes highly entertaining posts about real mom issues and baby products, sprinkled with a dash of celebrity gossip, cute Mommy clothes items and other interesting tidbits. Its just the type of light-hearted read you are looking for after putting the kids down. Because after all, blogs are really just like magazine columns but online, right?

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Thanks for the bloggy love. Just posted about your awesome blog!
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