Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Memory Tree

While at the in-laws over the weekend I noticed my MIL had a very special tree on display. Last year, Blake lost his Grandma "Nana" and it was a very sad time for the family. Nana was the quintessential grandma, the kind that made meatloaf, banana pudding and amazing cornbread dressing at holiday time. Christmas was also a very special time for Nana, and she loved getting all the grandkids presents and having the family together.

Nana also loved costume jewelery and over the years had amassed quite a collection. Each of her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren choose a few pieces from her collection to keep, but there was still a ton left over. For Christmas, one of Blake's Aunts made both of Nana's daughters a very special gift made from the rest of Nana's jewelry. It was such a special gift and such an inventive idea I just had to share. Here are the basic steps to make your own version:
  1. Select a piece of green craft foam from your favorite craft store and wrap in a few layers of green felt, folding the edges under and hot-gluing it down
  2. Cut apart old bracelets, necklaces and earrings to create the "ornaments"
  3. Secure the ornaments to the tree using decorative pins with pear or silver heads
  4. Attach the tree to a base of your choice. Unfinished versions are also available at most craft stores and you can paint or stain them whatever shade you like
  5. Display your tree at Christmas, or anytime of year!

What a special gift for a loved one for the holidays. I know it means so much to my MIL and is a daily reminder of Nana.

PS - I took this pic with my new iphone! I am so excited about being able to take pictures whenever I am out and see something creative - should make for some fun posts! I worked hard all weekend writing so the next few weeks should have some good ideas!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Kimberly, what a wonderful tribute. I love the idea, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Friend I love this! Such a good idea! Your blog is so good! Miss you J