Friday, August 22, 2014

Confession Friday

-I confess that on Wednesday when H has swimming lessons, I count that as a bath.  And she only gets a bath every other day.

-I confess that I have been so unbelievable hungry all the time lately.  I ate a whole chicken finger basket from Cane's by myself the other night.  Husband was sad when he got home late and there was no chicken.  Opps.  And no, I am not pregnant.

-I confess that my extreme hunger is doing nothing for my operation-get-skinny-in-a-week plan.  We are going with some friends to the lake for Labor Day, and my lack of fake boobs + time to work out + fact that nobody else has had a kid is making me feel like I need a spray tan and some muscles NOW.

-I confess that 3 of my 6 friends here in Austin have recently moved and it is leaving me friend-poor.  My book club is no more, so I think I am going to start having monthly dates with myself.  After work I will go shopping, run errands, slowly push my cart through Target.....while The Husband take H out for a date.  I am always working or driving or mothering or cleaning and never have time to just not think.  Monthly self dates will be great for me.

-I confess that I really want a new purse.  And I don't mean any purse, I mean an expensive one.  So I have been selling stuff on ebay and CL to raise funds.  I often do that when I want something that is totally not justifiable, I sell stuff to raise some $.  I have resorted to selling some good coupons I wasn't using (think Pottery Barn, Best Buy) and I have officially hit an all time low in my hustle-for-bags game.

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Terri Lynn Grothe said...

I confess I want a new wallet but I have so many, i need to make myself get rid of some before I buy more....

Lindsay N. Strickland said...

This post made me laugh!!

Tell me about this bath every other night thing because I confess to HATING bath-time. It's such a chore. I'm literally putting Jonah in, scrubbing him, yanking him out (gently) because Momma doesn't have time for that. Not cool. That sounds nice. Maybe I'll start skipping one night per week. Friday night. Thanks for the (un-intentional) encouragement.

And, you're skinty. Just stop. You'll be fine in that bikini. Rock it ;)

Erin Amy said...

I LOVE the honesty of your posts! Have fun on your trip and good luck fundraising for your bag. Can't wait to see what all your hustling gets you:)