Friday, August 29, 2014


I have a big one this week.  I think I am finally ready to admit that my blog might be dead.

There, i said it.

I started this blog over 5 years ago as a way to promote my paintings.  I knew a little bit about SEO and I knew that relevant articles on nursery design would help drive traffic to my blog, thus selling more paintings.  Pinterest was not a thing back then, so people would google search for ideas for their nursery, and a lot of it was coming to my little blog.  I was the #1 listing when someone searched "nursery art".

After I had H and stopped painting, this blog became a way for me to share some of my thoughts and tips as a first time Mom.  My friends in real life will tell you that I always tell it like it is, and I enjoyed being able to share things that I thought other people had just glossed over.

But i started to get more busy at work and with life in general, so I stopped having time for creative DIY projects and interesting articles.  I started taking pictures of H's lunch, which I still do.  But I'm sure you are not that interested in what an average Mom feeds her kid everyday.

There are things that I want to write about and would love to share anonymously.  But this is not an anonymous platform.  People in my personal and professional life actually read it (ok like 60 of you still do) and there are somethings I don't want everyone to know about.  Things like my decision to have an only child, what it feels like when friendships change as an adult and Mom.

So I don't really know how often I will be posting here anymore.  Now that H is older I don't feel as good about documenting her life on the Internet.  And I still do interesting things and DIY projects at home, but I just don't have time to take pictures and document them.  There are people that are much better at that then me, and there is Pinterest.

So there, that is out.  And I feel better.  Any small time bloggers feel the same way?


Cam said...

Awe, Kimberly I'll be sad. This is Cam from the bank. I still check your blog every once in a while just to see how you're doing. I like to compare how much H and Chase are growing up; since they're so close in age.

P.S. My husband is forcing me to attend my first A&M game next Saturday.

Emily said...

I feel ya! I used to post ALL THE TIME about what Carson was up to, what projects I was up to, where we traveled, etc. It really was his baby book. I have been HORRIBLE since Elizabeth has been born. I always wanted my blog to serve as her baby book too, but I've been sucking. I hope to start posting more to remember some stuff. You are not alone!

Bobbie said...

I fully understand, BUT, I will miss you!!!