Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Conversations with H

In the car with me, H and The Husband on the way home from swimming the other day:

Me: Hadley, Mimi and Poppy are coming to see you this weekend!
H: And you gonna leave?
Me: Well yes, we are going on a trip
H: Where are you going on a trip, guys?
Me: To see our friends
H: I want to see your friends
Me: Well, you have to stay here with Mimi and have fun
H: You are not my best friends, guys. *crosses arms

I don't know where she got the "guys" think from, but its pretty funny.

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On the way to school the other morning

H: You have a big car Mom!
Me: Yes, and Daddy has a truck.  But you don't have a car.
H: Mommy, when I am older and grown up, will you share your car with me?

Um, what, she is 2 and she is already asking to borrow the car?  I'm in trouble......

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