Thursday, June 19, 2014

Search for Summer Dresses

I feel like every Summer I search for a couple of new casual dresses.  Here in Texas it gets hot, and dresses are cool and comfy.  Before kids, I didn't mind wearing a strapless bra, and could get away with shorter dresses.  This time, my requirements were:

-long enough to be able to bend over and not give a free show
-casual enough for flip flops, able to dress up with wedges and cute jewelry
-able to wear either no bra or regular bra with straps.  No strapless bras for this chick.
-material not too thin - no lumps or visible pantie lines

After as much shopping as my crazy schedule would allow, I bought these two:

This dress from Loft was 60% off, has a cute tribal print and the skirt is lined.  The front has a high neck, which I didn't care for so guess what, I am wearing it backwards.  I put that split part with the tie in front and left the ties loose.  Problem solved!

This basic black one from Target is plain, but versatile.  I can wear it to work on casual Friday with a cardigan, with flip flops, or with wedges for dinner on vacation.  Plus, it was $19.

If you are in the market for some cute Summer dresses, I recommend both of these options!

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