Monday, June 11, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

Our house has been a feeding frenzy lately.  Baby H can not get enough of all the tasty stuff I am trying to feed her, and that makes me one happy mama.  You see, I think I have been a little obsessed with feeding her since we started solids.  I wanted her to love fresh, natural, healthy foods so badly.  I fear having a child that is a picky eater or will only each chicken nuggets and mac n cheese.

I have been feeding her a combo of things.  I made some of my own food (green beans, sweet potato, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, avocados) and I also get some from local baby food company Whirled Peas.  They make fresh, organic food and deliver it to my office.  It is amazing and a real life saver when I get busy.  I also got a few Plum Organics pouches for her, and she really seems to like them.  The spinach, peas and pear was a hit, and so was the mango.  I just ordered some 6 packs of different flavors for her online.  Amazon has the best prices if you don't have time to shop sales at local stores like me.

I also had to get her a high chair the other day.  After much debate, I decided on the Fisher-Price Space Saver.  It is pretty much like a high chair but without the legs, you strap it to your own chair.  And later it converts to a booster.  I really loved the OXO chair, and thought about the IKEA one that everyone has, but we just don't have much room and I thought the Space Saver would be a better choice.  I have friends that have it and they love it.  And I think H loves it too, as evidenced by her big grin.

Here she is eating an asparagus spear.  She was eyeballing it on my plate, so I decided to just give it to her.  She gummed it for like 15 minutes and ate all the insides out.  I hope the means she is going to be a good eater when she grows up!

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Jessie said...

That is wonderful news! I am glad she is eating the good stuff. :)