Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY: Easy Baby Footprint Butterfly Art

H sent her Grandmas this butterfly footprint art for Mother's Day.  I saw the idea on Pinterest, but I gave it my own little spin.  Both of her Grandmas loved it, and it was pretty simple to do.

You will need:
-8 x 8" canvas or something similar
-acrylic craft paint in 3 colors
-small paint brush
-permanent marker or paint pen
-thumb tacks

1.  Paint your canvas a solid color - light colors work best.  I had to give mine 2 coats, and I mixed a pink I already had with white to lighten it up a bit.

2.  Now for the footprint part - I say H in her bumbo so her feet were facing me.  Then I used a paint brush to paint 1 foot at a time.  You must work quickly here, as she was not too fond of the tickling brush on her foot.  Take the canvas and bring it to the foot, pressing firmly in one spot.  Note that the butterfly looks best when their big toes are on the outside, so you have to reverse their feet.

3.  Once it is dry I used a paint pen to fill in the butterfly body and antennae.

4.  To add the ribbon on the back I just knotted it in the center and used a thumb tack on each side to press it into the back of the canvas.  You could also use a staple gun.

Super easy!  It would also be cute in a Holiday version to hang on the Christmas tree.  And anything baby-related scores big with the Grandparents, so I am sure they would love it!

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