Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog Makeover Time

So its been about 4 months since I was accepting painting orders, but I continue to blog about decorating ideas, DIY projects and inspiring spaces.  Its still fun for me to share with you guys, especially since I am working on my own nursery right now.  (pictures coming soon I promise!)

I am not sure how much blogging I will do once Baby Girl Cox arrives, but I do know you guys are still reading the blog.  Or rather, people are still coming to it for ideas.  I get about 300 visitors a day and I love the idea of someone creating the perfect space based off an image or idea I posted.

With that said, I am thinking of giving the blog a little facelift.  Since I am not doing paintings anymore, I don't really need all the info that applied to orders.  And I am thinking of changing the header name to maybe just

Nursery Art
ideas - inspiration

Since most people are visiting for decorating ideas anyway.  What do you think?

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