Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cool Color Combo: Baby Blue and Red

I saw a pictures of a baby blue and red nursery on the Project Nursery blog and I can't get them out of my head. Such an unexpected color combo but it totally works. Boy or girl, modern or traditional you can really do so many things with it. Use the red in a sweet vintage way and mix in some cherry blossoms or other flowers. Or go graphic with a baby blue walls and a big red circle monogram like the did on ProjectNursery.com:

One thing I do know is that it was extremely hard to find pictures of these colors used in decor, so you would be sure to have a unique nursery! Here are some more pictures for inspiration:

At a prefect garden party

In the kitchen, with pops of red in the pots or appliances

So I know this one is overkill but you get the idea. Maybe the red carpet and patterned walls are a bit much....

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