Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

OK so there really aren't any lions and tigers or bears in my latest painting, but I love saying that and it really is hard to come up with cute titles sometimes. I finished my latest piece last week and since the parents have now seen a picture of it, I can post a blog about it and not ruin the surprise!

Inspired by the Dwell Animals picture, I created this 24 x32" canvas based on a few specifications from the parents. They wanted me to incorporate 4 animals that have special meaning to them, their colors are pink and green, and they like modern art. Sounds pretty easy, but try incorporating 4 animals that reside on different continents into one piece without looking silly.

After showing the parents this Dwell print as a general direction and getting their approval, I was off. Happy to have creative license I was somewhat stuck for awhile on how I wanted to go, but luckily, they trusted me. Which is nice. Last week I heard a teacher friend say, "I don't go tell my landscaper how to do my yard, why to parents tell me how to teach?" Sounds silly but it is totally true. I love to create things and can usually come up with something that is just right but that parents could never imaging. Which is scary but fun. I am always so nervous to reveal my work to parents and loved ones. The only person I have to bounce ideas off in person is my husband. And although his opinion matters, his comment of "that monkey is green" didn't really help on this one.

The "4 Animals" canvas, as I am calling it, features all 4 of the animals the parents selected, along with a subtle "family tree" image in the background and some jewels eyes and puppy nose for some added fun. Hope you enjoy it as much as the parents will!

On a side note, I started my new job on Monday and am loving it. Downtown has such a different vibe from the 'burbs and I love the city meets small town feel of it. Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

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Shirley Cox said...

You are doing a great job with your awesome talent. Keep doing what you're doing. Art is definitely your niche.