Saturday, March 7, 2009

Use Fabric to Make a Bold Statement

Looking for something inexpensive that will make a bold statement in any room? Covering canvas with your favorite fabric is easy to do and makes a big impact. These days fabric comes in so many cute patterns and even Wal-Mart carries a great selection. Or, if you want to match your crib bedding and it has cute sheets, you can always purchase a fitted sheet and cut it down to fit. Tip - fitted sheets can also be turned into coordinating window valances if you can sew!

When selecting a canvas size to use, you can choose multiple smaller ones and use a different fabric on each, or one large one to hang on a big, open wall. Or, for those of you more daring and with a crafty husband or dad, it may be cheaper to use wood to create your own frame sizes. You will just need a miter tool to make the corners look right.

Once you have your frame shape, lay the fabric face up and put the canvas on top. Depending on the thickness of your canvas, cut it out with enough to overlap on the back about 2 inches. Make sure if there are lines or a pattern in the fabric that they are straight and in place when you cut. Then, lay the fabric face down and place the canvas on top, also face down. Using a staple gun, gently pull and wrap each section, securing with a staple. Be sure to use the same amount of tension all the way around as you wrap or a pattern could look funny. Tip - stripes are hardest to work with, so you may want to steer away from them. Take extra care with the corners, you may have to trim excess fabric from them.

If you choose a simple fabric, you can embellish it with trim around the edges, or even paint baby's initials right on the canvas.

Its as easy as that! Cheap and it makes a big impact. You can use this in the nursery or any room in the house. A more expensive fabric from a specialty store looks great on a canvas over the fireplace!

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