Monday, December 8, 2014

Breakfast & Dinners

Someone asked the other day what I give H for breakfast.  She arrives at school at 7 am, so her breakfast is eaten when she gets there.  I try to keep it balanced but also simple and portable.  Here is our list of go-to items.  I usually ask her what she wants and give her a choice of 2 different options, depending on what we have available.

toast with jelly
toast with peanut butter
toast with peanut butter + sliced fruit on top (strawberries or banana)
individual oatmeal cup + raisins
blueberry nutrigrain waffle
trader joe's cereal bar
cereal with milk
sliced fruit
drinkable yogurt smoothie
bagel thin with butter or jelly
and sometimes regular PB&J

 her favorite is banana toast with peanut butter

I try to give her some type of carb + a fruit or yogurt to keep it a little balanced.  I use low sugar jelly and the drinkable yogurts with the lowest sugar grams I can find.  (which is actually not that easy, you would be shocked at the amount of sugar that is in the versions marketed to toddlers, way more than the adult)

I usually have the same thing as her, its just easier to make 2 of whatever.  I eat mine in the car on the way to work.  Sometimes I have a Shakeology drink instead of solid breakfast when I am feeling like a fatty.

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For dinner, she eats what we eat about half the time.  I don't really feel like dumbing down my food to make it toddler friendly, so if we are having something she won't eat I will either a) put it on her plate anyway and see if she will try it, or b) whip her up something I know she will like.  That usually consists of a pizza made on a whole wheat sandwich round, nuggets, meat/cheese/crackers, etc.

These are both examples of her eating what we eat, with a few modifications.  I just realized we eat a lot of Mexican type food.

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