Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Date with myself

Last week after work I went on a date with myself.  Sounds kinda weird, but it was just what I needed.  I have been working a lot and have had no time for myself to just not think about things and do what I wanted to do.  The thing about being a working Mom is that you are always "on".  The only time I really have when I am not tending to someones needs or cleaning up or getting ready for the next day is during my commute and that is not exactly relaxing.

So I asked The Husband to take H on a date (another post for another day, but I really believe in daddy daughter dates) and after work I went and did some shopping and just generally was accountable to no one.  It was great.

It did come with a little guilt, but I also think its good for me to be self aware enough to know that I need a little alone time.  My book club has recently disbanded, so I really wasn't getting any time out of the house at night.  The Husband asked what I did, any really I just wandered around and shopped and ran errands.  I went to a couple of my favorite consignment stores (found some ankle booties and a plaid button down), Marshall's, DSW, etc.

I think I am going to make it a monthly or every-other-month activity.  I was home in time to tug H into bed, and she didn't even miss me.  Plus, B did some of the dishes that were piling up.  Win, win!

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