Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dresser Do Over

Lately I have been seeing white nursery furniture everywhere. For awhile it seems liked everything was Espresso colored and white was reserved for girly-girl rooms but its back in a big way. And to punch it up and make it interesting I am noticing alot of colored dressers. Here are a few ideas you can use to punch up an old dresser and re-use it in the nursery:

Colored Drawers - I don't really dig this modern style but I do like the color combo they used on the drawer fronts. This is easy to do - just prime and paint. Change out the hardware or paint over the existing knobs

Green With Envy - How chic is this pea green? If you prime it right, you can easily paint over an old wooden dresser that is stained. This color would go great with the whites and greys that are really hot right now and works for a girl or boy.

Paint By Numbers - Punch up your paint with number stencils. Available at home depot for numbering your house or curb they add a modern touch to this grey dresser. I would have chosen different knobs though, these yellowish ones look old. Stainless steel would go with the modern look.

Busy Body - So this one is a little busy but I like the stripes and the decal. Vinyl wall decals can be stuck on more things than just the wall. Carefully cut and apply to drawer fronts for a custom look. Drawers that are very flat on the front will work best - you don't want to have to curve around the drawer too much.

Did I Mention Green Was Hot? This shade is a little softer - more of a shabby chic look but I LOVE it.

Just be sure to consult with a paint expert at Home Depot or Sherwin Williams before you select a paint. You want to make sure it works well with the finish that is already on the dresser. Just to be safe it is best to test out on a leg or one drawer front before you do the entire thing. I learned this the hard way when painting my red vanity!

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