Thursday, July 24, 2014


Some healthy meals the past few weeks, some not as healthy!

leftover cheese pizza + fresh cherries + applesauce + kale salad

grapes + goldfish + chicken + cheese + raisins

turkey, cheese and hummus sandwich + cranberries + pretzels and peas + yogurt

popcorn and cranberries + grapes + chicken nuggets + cheese

brisket quesdadilla + grapes and blueberries + yogurt

yogurt + grapes + more nuggets + cheese + ketchup

and a superfood dinner of quinoa, kale salad, salmon and strawberries.  She LOVES salmon (calls it pink fish) and kale salad from the deli at HEB.  The only thing she didn't eat?  The quinoa.  She doesn't like rice or potatoes, go figure?

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