Monday, August 4, 2014

Toddler Tapas

I promise I have a whole bunch of posts halfway done about stuff other than my kid's lunch.  But until I have some free time, this is what you get.

Sometimes when we are low on food in the house, I give H what I call toddler tapas.  A mix of fruits, crackers, cheese, hummus, etc.  She LOVES hummus and likes to snack on little bits of everything just like her mama.  The other day she was pretending to be the Mom and I was the baby (a game we play a lot) and she told me she made me a snack.  It was cheese, crackers and hummus.  So cute!

 BBQ chicken pizza + energy ball + diced chicken + grapes and cherries

 grapes and strawberries + yogurt + ravioli + dried cherries and chocolate chips

A dessert I tried on H and B the other night.  Coconut greek yogurt with chia seeds and raspberries.  It makes sort of a tapioca pudding texture.  I really liked it, B said he would tolerate it as a snack but that it did not qualify as dessert, and H wouldn't touch it.  Ha!

cheese + chicken casserole + snap peas + cherries and peaches

strawberries + pretzels + hummus + turkey + fruit snacks

 chicken + hummus + wheat thins + peaches + pear baby food mixed with applesauce

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